AUTHORED ON 3/20/2019

To My Constituents and Members of the Senate,

Sunday, at 7:58 pm I proposed an expulsion on Senator JamesDitomosso, who also serves as the Chairman to the Congressional Government Oversight Committee. This letter will stand to further formulate my argument and respond to claims made by JamesDitomosso himself in his response to the expulsion. I’d like to begin by accentuating that at no time was the expulsion I proposed was personally motivated.

What ultimately lead me to the proposal was when I saw the Court ruled that James failed, in his capacity as the Chairman to the Congressional Government Oversight Committee, to Mirandize one he was investigating. Through this abhorrent action, one thing became clear to me; James wanted to abuse his power as a legislator by proposing acts of Congress to give him and his Committee as much power as he can. Such actions are not needed by our Congressional Assembly.

I respect all he has attempted to do for this state, but with his recent actions, I am asking you to look past his past. Being well standing in a community is no excuse to immune you from expulsion.

Further, but not indicative, a poll posted by fellow congressmen Ronald_Reagan had the results of 67% of people wanting JamesDitomosso out of office. Senators, you represent these people. Do what they want. In government, you have to do what is best for your people, not what is best for your chances at reelection.

Warm Regards,