Repairing glass


(First post on the forum!) Anyway, I think that there needs to be a way of repairing glass like on cars, and buildings like the car dealership. Windows on the buildings could be damaged by the crowbar, gun, or baton. The people that would be able to repair the glass would be the Department of Public Works to add to a diversity of jobs we can do. If the glass is not repaired in about 5-10 minutes it should automatically repair itself. This should go in V3 and maybe even V2? I’ll take any criticism in the comments.

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Ik I’m in DPW, but wouldn’t it make sense for dot to do it? The glass regen would have some disadvantages and advantages, such as it making it harder to find LEO bolos. That could be good from crims tho. Not a LEO or crim do not gonna really say much on that.

I agree with Lego, it should be under DoT if it is added in.

good idea but should be implemented into dot with maybe a policy of asking leo’s when they are about to repair glass, like #T##, direct any leo, is this (car) bolo’ed, broken glass.