Renaming FDPW


I feel like in V3 the Firestone Department of Public Works should be renamed to the Stapleton County Department of Public Works, or just Stapleton County Public Works. Maintenance in the United States is mainly done by the respective state’s DOT, and beautification is performed by city, and county public works departments. What are your thoughts on this?

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No point in renaming it if it isn’t a county department. They’ve always been a state department and I see no reason to change it


Guessing your new so just letting you a heads up that it won’t happen, not because I say so but many would argue to disagree.

First it wouldn’t be renaming, if you don’t know how a government works, simply you would have to disband it and the county would create the public works if that makes scenes, but yes in my opinion great idea.

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State would just do a little swap around and give authority to County. Similar to how SCFD and SCSO are established by state law.

This idea has been proposed before but hasn’t been acted on.


stapleton county beautification department


why change something that doesnt need changing


no fdpw sounds better than scpw or scdpw


fr, would fed even approve of this

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unnecessary change imo, everyone is gonna refer to it as DPW still and renaming it’s official term comes with a lot of legal issues with congress

theres more defining issues in firestone than the name of DPW


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