Registration Information


Forum Registration Information

Requirements to be a Forum Member

  1. Be a Middle Class Citizen or above in the State of Firestone
  2. Must have a good understanding of the forum usage guidelines.


  1. On the top right of the forum, click on Sign Up and follow the directions.
  2. After you verify your e-mail, go to the State of Firestone discord server and type /verifyforum in #bot-commands
    • Note: Your Roblox username must be the same as your Forum account username. If they do not match, direct message pathwaysbball.
  3. After running the command, your account should be verified and you should be able to log in.

Note: Activated users that have not been verified within 30 days are subject to deletion. You must re-create your account.

Changing Your Avatar

By default, one’s avatar is the first initial of their username. However, if one wishes to have a custom avatar, they can do so by registering at Gravatar and connecting it to the forum account via settings.