Regarding the current situation of DoBW

Hello, Government Officials and the citizens of the State of Firestone.

We all know how DOBW turned out… pointless. This is all due to one problem that should have been resolved in the first place. Choosing a right secretary and a deputy secretary is always a hard option and this is what has been the issue. They have chosen the wrong. So for one, we all know that the DOBW does nothing as of NOW but this could change if I was a secretary. I would be able to fix the reputation of the DOBW that has been destroyed by the previous secretary.

As of today, 2018-01-15 the department has lost two of its secretary. I have no current regrets and tears for these events. The department has not been deserving what it should have deserved with those secretary in position.

The DOBW has a lot of potentials. Potential that can only be seen by the people who have the interest to know and to engage in such a great department. Yes we don’t have patrol cars like the police department does, yes we don’t have medical tools or even weapons, but the DOBW still has a purpose!

The DOBW isn’t a job for everyone. This is why we encourage everyone to have there own opinion but for some, we like our jobs and for others, we hate our jobs, This is why that for some people they like the DOBW and removing a job they enjoy could be not only cruel but ruining the number of jobs in Firestone.

Here is what I would be doing if I became secretary!

- Fix the reputation by bringing discipline and good quality work to the department

- Hire people who would engage in doing roleplay

- Make scenarios for the DOBW employees and citizens

- Roleplay many events

MORE TO COME! This is just a quick text I made before thing gets worse

Thanks for listening!


um no

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:wave: dobw

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but what if

we didnt

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You guys should give it one more chance. Even if it’s still a small department, we could still make lots of stuff out of it. You would be quite suprised on what I could pull off.

its had like 9 months so /shrug

That is way before I got in. I have got in the department in december and I have loads of request to make the department change and to make it more professional and fix the bad reputations. I am dedicated and will not let go!

We are small, everyone takes everything out on us. Nobody ever says anything about DHS doing “bad” things in the county. DoBW still matters.

But DHS has a point to exist and a point of being in the county, unlike DOBW who just role plays.

no. dobw has had months to do better & here we still are, debating to abolish it.
it’s had its chance. it’s time for it to go.


pH and alkalinity testing

if i wasn’t convinced before that, i sure as hell am now

Bye-bye DoBW! :wave:

I, the leader of the protest, still says ABOLISH DOBW! The citizens will vote once it is signed by the governor.

A protest? Hit me up. Anyway, yeah… noooo. Bye bye DoBW

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^ i made a post of the announcing of the protest, click that to join the discord

Why? D:

If you actually have legitimate intentions on possibly running DBW I’d suggest speaking with the Governor and not making a forum.

To add, DBW will always have no purpose. It may be able to propose minor waterway regulations however it will never actually have a general purpose which would attract people to it, there’s really only one mainstream ‘waterway’ in Firestone. If you want to put regulations on fishing then sure be my guest, but like I said DBW will never have a legitimate purpose.

People will only be attracted to DBW for the power. If they’re offered a position such as Secretary, Deputy Secretary or even some HICOMM positions, they’d recognize they have actual influence and power over people and they’d obviously accept the position.

It’s not about the power, it’s about creating jobs and having people roleplay. Not everyone can join any departments and have a chance at it. With DBW we can create that chance and allow most people to enjoy a job they have which is roleplaying and helping put regulations on such.

I have spoken to the governors about it. Hoping to see something happened!

Also to confirm, yes I do have legitimate intentions of possibly running DBW.

If you have legitimate and good intentions about running DBW, then what do you plan to do with it?

You stated you will ‘fix DBW’s reputation, hire people who would roleplay, and make scenarios and roleplay more events’.

This doesn’t actually state what you plan to implement. Which scenarios and events do you plan to initialize?

let me tell everyone, dobw will be abolished once the voting opens