Redwood City Update

City of Redwood
City Update 2/21/2018

The City of Redwood has recently experienced some changes that we hope to share that with the general public.

First off, the City of Redwood’s form of government has been changed to a Manager-Council form of government. This is a popular government form among many towns and cities across the United States of America. This form of government has a “weak mayor” who is incharge of the City Council and then a City Manager who acts as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the City.

Next, the new City Council calls for 7 Councilors, one acting as a Mayor Pro Tempore. We are in need of five (5) more City Councilors to effectively begin legislative operations. We also require a City Attorney and a City Clerk. If anyone is interested in becoming either a Councilor or any other City Official, please contact SouthernSheriff via Discord at SouthernSheriff#5749

The City Government has also introduced a new trello board and team to manage its operations and hold important information. Such can be found here:


Redwood City Manager

Redwood City Mayor

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Sure I’ll join why not.

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