Redwood City Council Elections Disposition


14 April 2018

From the Office of the Mayor, greetings,

In the 2018 elections for Redwood City Council, seeing as there were five available positions, and exactly five candidates have campaigned, the following Aldermen are hereby elected by default to the Redwood City Council:

  • Alderman fly10101
  • Alderman FightingTheFlames
  • Alderman Tjrusty
  • Alderman NotFoundDev
  • Alderman Henry_Initius

These Aldermen shall serve a term that shall end on August 8th, at which point an election shall again be held in conjunction with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor elections. Congratulations to the new Aldermen. Legislation and important functions of the City of Redwood will begin immediately.

City of Redwood



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If you have been elected Alderman, or would just like to keep an eye on Redwood Operations, come join the official City of Redwood Discord!

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