REALISTIC Impounding

In v3, impounding should be added.

The Firestone Department of Transportation shall be charged with the task of impounding.

Vehicles would be impounded either after the suspect has been arrested or the suspect’s car is violating a law.

Once DOT places the wench on the vehicle, the vehicle is no longer able to be respawned until the fine is paid.

How impounding would work:


DOT would come to the scene of the impounded car. If officers requested DOT, DOT would ask the officers the reason for the car’s impoundment, if it was the person’s fault (see option 4 of second step) and if the suspect was arrested, if it was a felony or misdomeanor for the charges of the suspect (Important for part two) and then would begin to impound after paperwork was filed and such. Once DOT places the wrench, the car would no longer be able to be respawned. DOT would then transport this vehicle to the DOT station If the DOT vehicle flings, or dissapears due to a glitch, etc and was not finished impounding. The car would be avalible for respawning and they would not have to pick their car up


After DOT transports to DOT station, a GUI would pull up and there would be four options to click in the GUI

Option 1 in GUI: Traffic offense

For a impoundment of a traffic offense, the price to get the vehicle back would be 1000 ingame dollars (expensive to adjust to inflation)

Option 2 in GUI: Suspect arrested (misdomeanor)

For this option, in order to get back the vehicle, the suspect would have to pay 3000 ingame dollars in order to get his vehicle back.

Option 3 in GUI Suspect arrested ( felony )

For this option, in order to get back the vehicle, the suspect would pay 5000 ingame dollars in order to get his vehicle back

Option 4 in GUI (Not person’s fault)

For option 4, incase it was not your fault that your car is in the middle of the street (car accident for example) Option 4 would make the impound free and the person can respawn their car without pay or visiting a police or DOT station.


The suspect would be unable to respawn his vehicle until all fines are paid. The suspect would have unlimited time to pay the fines and would have to pay the fines at a police station or at the DOT station.


developers: effort


Ok 1, I support this. 2 it’s already been discussed by fed and it’s going to become a thing. The charges would only be up to 500 if I remember correctly. It would be inside the new gated DOT Impound Lot, and the only way to get the vehicle back would be to pay.

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1 Just because the devs say something is going to happen, does not mean it will happen.

I have examples of this too from the past

2 If the charges are only 500 that would be too cheap, and crime would be unsolved

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Ok, well thats what fed had decided on and we cant really change what he wants. Also yeah many things they have said didnt come but even if it doesn’t the post isn’t really needed as it’s already something that has been considered and discussed. Also don’t take this as an attack just informing you.


What if you were shot in the street while your trying to park and EMS takes you to hospital. Will you still have to pay?

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Good point. a fourth option should be made in the GUI saying “not driver’s fault, free impound” or something like that. I will add that in,

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Fed mentioned that we would be able to choose a price to put kn the vehicle meaning if it wasn’t their fault then they wouldn’t pay for the full price. Even in real life though there’s always a towing fee.

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So your saying that if I was shot or injured and taken to SCMC, I have to pay the tow fee?

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Remember that civs make 8 bucks every 2 mins.

$8/2 mins = $4/1 min
500/4 =125 mins
125 mins = 2 hours 5 mins

And tourists and visitors make less and know less about the laws and etc

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5000 dollars for committing a felony, especially just a blanket statement, is unconstitutional. What if someone got arrested for battery, technically it’s a felony for some reason. Battery is a relatively minor crime. Someone shouldn’t have to pay 5k, which would take days or weeks to earn for that. And fuck you if you get false arrested.


already being added by v3

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I agree with danny, 5k is the price of the basic crown vic you get for free! That is outrageously expensive to get your car removed from the lot!

If you have the x2 pass, that is equivalent to about 5 hours on SCFD, SCSO, FSP, ect!
Its about 10 hours if you dont have the pass, making matters worse.

Another way of looking at it, is you can buy about 10 CZ 75s for the price of being impounded…

Aka, this is too expensive, and the devs have stated they will add a realistic impound system sometime soon in v3, with realistic pricing for being un-impounded.

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Yes, you would

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Make our pay higher and I’ll agree with this system

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Fed already said this will be a thing. But 100% support.

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Just because I can

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I cant edit my reply, so my stars are going on this one.

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Alright. We can edit to make it so that all impoundments are the cost of either 500 to 1500 max

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Keep it at 500, It takes a bit more then two hours to get the five hundred as a middle class citizen.

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