Realistic Fire Calls

If we’re going to make V3 more realistic, then put equal care into the non-LEO aspects as well. SCFD is a major part of it. To start off, please do not add fully involved structure fires on every single 911 fire call as it is with V2. Realistically, the majority of fire calls are alarm activations which almost always end up being false. Add more smoke assignments for fire calls instead and make fully involved fires even rarer. If there is to be a fire, have it be partially involved or involving a vehicle. Include a carbon monoxide/odor investigation every 30 minutes or so and occasional natural gas leak response. Elevator trouble could also be scripted in commercial buildings. Hazmat situations would vary in protocol and response depending on size and type of material present. Obviously with medical emergencies, majority of citizens only know how to roleplay a GSW/trauma/extrication response and nothing else like chest pain, difficulty breathing, syncopal episode, or unknown medical condition with onset. Not much can be done there. But with fire calls, it is doable. With the repetition of calls by nature, its easy to become complacent and get caught off guard when a unique situation that doesn’t involve FRP come in.


As it is now, v3 is planned to incorporate a host of non-LEO features, like a full state park for Department of Parks and Recreation, a dock for Department of Boating and Waterways (I think??), streetlamp repairs, and more. Thank you for your suggestions, hopefully you’ll notice some of these in April!


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