Re-elect iAviatorPaul for Senate

Good evening Citizens of Firestone,

I have been thinking about running for the senate again, and I have decided to do so. So first, let’s go over my experiences/qualifications for this congressional position. I was a District Court Justice for four (4) months, under former Chief Court Justice Disordio (now Nehxtro), and under former CCJ AmerlcanLaw.

During my term as a senator, I helped draft many successful bills, overall improving the quality of life in our great state. I never had an unexcused absence, and made sure to listen to the people before making big decision. I also passed some of my own bills, like A bill to Recognize Disturbing the Peace.

Before I conclude this Speech, I want to re-iterate that I work for the people, the middle class citizens of Firestone. Thank you for reading my speech, and I hope you make the correct decision to re-elect me.

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Election has ended