Re-Elect Baron_Natertot8425 for County Council

Now I am going to make this quick and simple, I will not be wasting twenty minutes of my time making an elaborate speech when only two things in the county need to be done. These things are simple

Fully Reform the County Government
I have served in the County Government as a Councilman myself under County Executive Ash When it was still thriving, and petitions were not constantly put out. We need people such as me, whom actually have experience in making legislation of which I have had since June of 2017, Which is when I first became a Councilman to work on my skills and now I can properly do the reforms which the people want.

I will also be able to act as a Bridge from Congress to the County, As I will be working for both. And I see it is needed for cooperation on both sides. But in addition to that, It makes it simple as I will directly tell the County Council, How do you think reforms must be implemented and so on, Than I will propose legislation in the County, AND the State at the same time so in sequence, It will effectively bring the two branches closer together which at this moment appear to have nothing in common.

None of this was done under Brotix’s term and I am intending for it to be done this term. But will be done during my term. The County Charter must include way more details and must cooperate with the state

Actually listen to the people
This self-explains it, Listen to the people unlike what most politicians do, I actually listen to the people, and make legislation they ask me to make. Nothing else much I can explain here. Now this is always something I put here because no one else does, Everyone else places “GUN LAWS” which let’s be honest Gun laws can’t be implemented within the County Government since the Truth is, The State consumes most power in itself.

I will be changing this by directly delegating more power to the County Government, Alongside with the State Agreeing, So I will be able to pass Bi-Legislation in both sides due to this.




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In response to several details you made us aware of:

  1. I was only in office for two weeks approximately.

  2. There has been no better cohesion between the Legislature and the County in a long time.

  3. The state has limited mobility in reforming the County itself (though currently, it doesn’t need a reformation).

  4. You may have “experience in making legislation” but it all boils down when the legislation you made has substance and reasoning supporting its inception.

  5. At this point in time, affairs with the state is not the priority, hence the reason I didn’t focus on that much; it was about creating a government that would essentially be self-sustainable and governable.

  6. It’s not the sole purpose of the Charter to include in-depth details but to merely outline the duties of the government.

  7. There is no such thing as “bi-legislation.”

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Thank you for stating your opinion, But must I keep this forum aware that this is a support forum and if you feel otherwise don’t bother replying

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☭ All Fellow Comrades Deserve Equal Support Under Communism! ☭

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No support;

I worked with you while I was county council, and didn’t do much, This term you didnt do much and all you keep saying is “I have experience making legislation” cause you’re a senator, who actually did stuff on the state level than the County level.


No support, @xKoytoPenguin said it best. Didn’t do much.

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Elections over. Results at County Council Elections of March 2018.

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