RBLXTrcAlt for Redwood City Council

RBLXTrcAlt for Redwood City Council, Firestone

Hello City of Redwood I am running for the position in the Redwood City Council Elections so I hope to make the best out of it.

I wish to be city council so I can make bills surrounding our city, this my not be the main city RW but I believe with the support of council, citizens, Mayors this city can become a major great city. We have many new bills to be proposed. I plan to have this city at its best as soon as possible and have a great time as city council. I will strive to get bills out ASAP and have this city like RW, if not better soon enough. My plans as City Council is to make great striving bills, and have a successful time as City Council. I can’t wait to serve you all.

If you have any questions you can forward it to my Discord RBLXTrcAlt#6987

What bills are you planning to make?

How do you plan on accomplishing this?

Bills that would involve Traffic & Citizens.

Great question, I plan to accomplish this by saying to myself that I need to know what needs to be done and make sure our side of the city has the right time to choose things that we need in most times.

Very vauge, care to elaborate?

It will show to make sure no drivers obey the traffic laws because you know some drivers kinda skip the red light in Stapleton.

Election over