Ram_Operator for District of Prominence District Council

Hello, to whom this may concern.

I am Ram_Operator, a Firestone Citizen, with a valid POST Certification. The reason I am running for District Council is because I want to start somewhere. I believe that Council is the first place to start at if you want to get higher in City’s and County positions. Your probably thinking, “How will a POST Certification Help his chances of getting accepted?” Well, a POST Certification will help me make more decisions as I know more about the law than other’s running without a POST Certification.

Firestone Experience
Department of Public Works: Employee
Department of Boating and Waterways: Trainee (Left to join FDOT)
Department of Transportation: (Left for inactivity, and couldn’t move on.)

I know, I have no past experience in Council or City positions? Your probably thinking I have no chance. But I’m here to prove you wrong.

    • I will host events within Redwood to allow for people to engage in Prominence.
    • I will make sure bills pass that is good, fail that are bad, and I shall amend those that need to be amended.
    • I will continue to find loopholes and fix them.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this speech, and I hope despite I have no experience within Council and City positions you still consider voting for me. If you would like to support me and plans please type “Support” on the comments section of this speech.
Good luck to the other candidates and I wish you all a wonderful day.



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I support 100%! Hope to see you on the council. Good luck.

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