Questions regarding FRP in V2

So, as we all know, V2 is constantly filled with FRPing. But here is my question, and feel free to bring out other situations you have experienced.

I am with SCFD, and we are constantly rammed off the road several times by one vehicle often when we respond. The driver of the vehicle who purposely rams the ambulance then continuously rams it until LEO’s show up. Once a LEO shows up, they drive off like nothing happened ensuing a pursuit.

How is the driver of the vehicle able to ram an ambulance head on several times and then continue driving away? Does this fit within FRP? Another question, what do you guys think EMS/Fire should do? Continue the response in order to do the role play we were originally called for or get a new ambulance?

I’m sure we all have very different scenarios, but these are basically things we encounter daily.

Feel free to put any scenarios you guys are also questioning and hopefully we can get answers.


They do it to start a pursuit only


People like that are dicks, especially since it take FD/EMS years to get to a place like Redwood due to lag already. My best strategy is ignore it. Just stop the ambo, put on the break, don’t call it in. They get bored eventually.


That’s normally what I do but when we have 3 calls going on and I need to get O/S or transport someone, it gets frustrating. Which then I usually call Law enforcment.


Typically, as an admin, I’d ban fail roleplayers from the start. Ban meaning server ban. They’re not helping with any roleplay at all.

However, in your situation, as I’ve never been in that situation, is to record, get the name, and send it to an admin. We can take care of it after that.


Alright. I will let people know, because it is a constant issue that we deal with and it gets to the point where we have the urge to whip out the mighty pepper spray.


I feel you should do the following if this ever happens:

  1. Start recording, if you can’t record with a good recorder, do it through ROBLOX recording.
  2. If they continue doing it after you tell them to stop, try alerting anyone else that has radio comms at the scene you are responding to, to let the victim know that an FRPer is stopping RP, so it may be a delay (So they don’t bleed out because of low response time)
  3. Then jump into action, if its an FRPer, I suggest pepper spraying them to death to get them out of the way. (You may want to check with SCFD policy or ask your superior if this is okay)

Thats the best I got. FRPers are hard. I cuff rush them because I’m a leo, but for you, I’d say use your pepper spray.


Well in real life cars would obtain damage.

I mean if they FRP just OC them in their car as they are trying intentionally harm you with their car.

Or follow the steps above, recording, etc. :grinning:


I see what you’re saying. I agree that it makes sense that if somebody were to come full-speed and ram into your ambulance (which people usually only do to get attention and start a pursuit) and then proceeded to drive around, you should ignore it. I need not explain the obvious outcome if somebody were to ram into your ambulance full-speed.

If somebody were to lightly ram your ambulance, that’d be another story and I’d assume you should summon law enforcement because somebody is damaging your ambulance along with obstructing the scene you’re currently at.

So, if they ram into you full-speed and proceed to drive around, don’t even respond, because that’s quite literally impossible. If they are bothering you and obstructing the situation by lightly ramming your ambulance or pushing your ambulance with their vehicle, that is more of a legitimate concern and are situations that can actually happen.

If someone were to ram into your ambulance full-speed and then proceeded to drive around, I’d recommend recording the incident and following the message GetEnveloped left; those who fail to role-play are able to be server banned, as he confirmed.

note: I’m not telling you to follow this system, this is simply my thought(s) on the matter.