publicFirestone Privacy Policy

publicFirestone Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading our privacy policy page, We assure our users that their personal data and information will be completely secure in our databases. Please read furthur for elaboration on the information we collect.

  • Data we collect
    The State of Firestone does not collect any personal information or data. publicFirestone bot, collects data such as Server ID, User ID, Channel ID, etc.

  • Why are we collecting such information?
    We collect such information to provide unique responses to different clients. Our some features work differently for every guild, Thus, requiring us to collect unique identifiers such as ID of the server where the feature was enabled.

  • How do we protect our client’s data?
    We ensure that our client’s data will be safe and secure in our servers, We have taken measures to prevent data loss and overall protection of database is taken care of, We will never misuse or share your data.

  • How can you get your data wiped from our database?
    You may request a data wipe in by emailing our support email at Once done, we cannot revert the process or regain the data which has been lost.