Public Services Act


PREAMBLE: Due to the risk Public Service departments carry when performing their duties this legislation is being created.

§1: This act shall be cited as the “Public Services Act of 2019” formally.

§2: Public Service departments will not be required to carry out their duties within hostile/unsafe environments.

  • §2.1: Should a Public Service employee request a law enforcement officer for scene protection, a law enforcement officer will be obliged by law to respond; unless unable.

  • §2.2: Should a law enforcement officer not be able to respond to a scene protection request the Public Service Employee will not be forced to continue their duties; though they may if they wish.

  • §2.3: Public Service employees shall be allowed to carry legal non-automatic weapons such as the Tec-9 for personal protection. The Public Service employee must possess a Firearms license to buy from Paths.

  • §2.4: Public Service employees reserve the right to decline LEO request for them should a scene be deemed unsafe or chaotic.

  • §2.5: Public Service employees reserve the right to prioritize call(s) in any order they’d like.

  • §2.6: Public Service employees are able to request a parameter be set while they carry out their duties; the parameter may not exceed fifty (50) studs.

  • §2.7: No section(s) within this act shall be violated. A Public Service employee reserves the right to decline any order from their co-workers/superiors should it force them to violate a section set within this act without having to fear punishment. Should an individual be punished for declining an order that forces them to violate a section set within this act they may sue the superior for violation of the “Public Services Act of 2019”.

  • §2.7A: The courts may reinstate an individual’s position within a Public Service department and or nullify any punishment they refer (refer to §2.8). Punishments for a superior (refer to §2.8) may not bypass three (3) day suspension. Any other punishments must be approved by the Governor and or Secretary of the Public Service department the Public Service employee comes from.

§3: This legislation will be enforced by the Governor.

§4: This legislation shall go into effect upon passing both chambers of Congress and being signed by the Governor.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Representative, Rinextel

Secetary of DoT, Slinkising
Representative, ZachKearns
Senator, mrallen22

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