Psdylan for Prominence District Counil

I. Candidate Introduction

I am Psdylan and I have decided to run for a seat on the Prominence City Council. I already have great plans and ideas for the District of Prominence. I hope to use them if I get elected into this position. I have a lot of experience within the State of Firestone as I am not currently employed in departments. But I have prior experience within Firestone for about 4+ years now. I would like to make changes that are effective and will make a difference for the greater good.

II. My Plans for Promience

  1. Get valuable information from the citizens and get their feedback on the city and how we in the city council can fix it to make it better or for everyone
  2. Work with the department in Prominence and see how they are doing and how relations are with the community within Prominence and see what I can do to improve or to change relations to make sure they are doing the best that they can.

Those are just some of my plans. If you happen to have any suggestions, contact me.

III. State Certifications

  • Peace Officer Standards and Training Class 51

IV. Firestone positions

  • Current Peace Officer Standard and Training Admission Officer
  • Current Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff
  • Current City of Redwood Alderman
  • Former Redwood Police Department Canine Officer
  • Former Firestone State Trooper, and Air Support Pilot
  • Former Firestone Department of Transportation, Public Employee, and Instructor.
  • Former Firestone Department of Corrections, Correctional Officer
  • Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training Class 51

V: Speech Ending

Thank you for reading my speech and my running for City Council. Your support will be appreciated. Have a good day.

Candidate for District of Prominence



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support. do ya got any ideas for new municipal ordinances


support! hope to work with you soon :slight_smile:

Big support!

Election concluded, candidate elected by default. See: Prominence District Council Election, January 2024 - #6 by MonkeyLikesCaprisun