Psdylan County Council Campaign


“Greetings Citizens of the Stapleton County, to whom it may concern am Psdylan. I’m running for the position of the county council, I’m willing to serve the citizens, and I want to continue the relations. I wish to solve many of the problems, well basically help out on whatever is going on in the State of Firestone and see if people stop trolling, etc. I will also want to try and get all departments that don’t have weapons like DOT DPW to have weapons because I know what it’s like to have trollers and ruining your roleplay. I want to help out with the new governor with anything they might need. I will also be active more and go to people and ask questions on what they might want in this group to change and what’s the problem and see if we can fix it. I have been apart of many departments and understand the struggles many departments face. I don’t have that much state jobs in the State of Firestone but here are the current jobs I hold! Here are some goals that I want to try and fix:’

A goal is that I can make an event if I’m chosen for the citizens of Firestone to ask me their problems about is if there are any so we as a big community that we are so we can address that problem.

Another goal is is that we should also talk to the people of Firestone to make and event to teach them that FRP is not good for the community that we are!

Another goal is that we should have FDOT and DPW should have a CFL license because of all of the problems that they are facing so far. I’m currently employed in DOT as a public employee and the problems that they have are talking FRP and people jumping on the DOT flatbed tow truck. DOT can have there own CFL course specific for themAnd I’ve seen it and felt with it. In my opinion, I believe that DOT should have a detain tool to hold the civilians until Law Enforcement officers arrive.

Current employment

State of Firestone Department of Transportation:
As a public employee.
Department of Commence
As a Licensed Business owner of Firestone Tours

Thank you for your time in reading this Speech. I Psdylan thank you one more time for reading this and I promise that if I’m chosen I will Address all of the problems that you are facing. And about the DOT and DPW problem, I’m currently talking about that and I’ll update you soon. And I please make sure to vote for me when the times come because I will fix all of the problems and you never know it might affect you too someday. If you have any questions concerns or suggestions please dm me on discord

Thank you for your time,



This is the county council, realistically you would have no relations with the governor.

Are you implying they just shoot the trollers??

no…just no


For the record:
I do not support nor endorse this individual. I am merely posting this on behalf of him as the election sponsor.


yeah lets give all public employees guns and the power to detain



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