Private Business Employee Team

I was thinking of ways to make business better within the State and thought of this.

To start, there would be a new team added to the game reserved for employees of private businesses approved by Commerce.

On Trello there could be a control board or something regulated by Commerce or business owners which would contain the usernames of all the people allowed on the team, which would transfer to the game to decide if that person is allowed on team or not.

I can’t really be bothered to look up the minimum wage in the County atm but I think the team wage should be higher than the civilian team page, in an effort to encourage the operation of businesses in the State. It would be up to the individual businesses and Commerce (or moderation ig?) to ensure that employees aren’t just farming by performing random inspections at the places where people should be on team.


Well if that’s the case, private security companies should have their own firearms and gear. All private company employees should receive the same amount of pay. Also, it should be scripted that only employees that are employed within that specific company can join that team.

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No, there would only be one team for private employees. Just called “Private Employees”.

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