PrettyMuchSwiss for Senate

Hello, I’m PrettyMuchSwiss.

You might know me, you probably don’t. No worries, it doesn’t matter, you’ll find that my, our, your future matters more than the past. This is why I’m running for Senate.

I will start this out relatively usual by giving you my experience and current employment. You will find that I don’t have any experience in Firestone politics, and if you think that this might come to be a problem, I kindly remind you of the third sentence in this speech stating that the future matters more than the past, which is one thing you’ll find I’m consistent about, just like I’m consistent about all my opinions and standings.
My experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Stapleton County Fire Department - Senior Paramedic + Training Division Instructor + Public * Information Officer - Currently employed
  • Firestone Fire Academy - Junior Training Officer - Currently employed
  • Firestone Wealth Group - Financial Services Business - Previously founded and owned
  • Brightlinked Radio - Radio News Business - Previously founded and owned
  • Firestone Department of Boating and Waterways - General Employee - Previously employed

Now, and again I find this much more important, what are my plans, what are my standings on different causes, what do I want to achieve?
I’m sure you’ve read the other speeches, making standard points such as “Help the private sector and the Department of Commerce, represent all Firestone citizens, remove unnecessary bills as to make legislation easier to understand, etc., etc.”
I believe I could go on, and these are all points that a majority of the candidates are making. Now, I personally believe that all of these are good points (though I do doubt people who say they want to directly listen to citizens and represent them. This can be done to a certain extent, but these people need to learn to stand for their own policies).
Fact is: I do plan on supporting both employers and employees with legislation, I do want to help make legislation better and easier to understand in a general way (not better as in improving the contents, that is too subjective). However I’m unable to understand why hardly any candidate was able to give any concrete information about what they care about. “Help employees and represent the citizens of Firestone” does not give me any idea about your policies. Note that while I will listen to public suggestions and opinions, if I’m voted as Senator I will represent my own policies and not those of the majority. I am however still here to represent the voter!

This is why I would like to tell you some more concrete ideas. This is not all I want to achieve, but a few things I can come up with in my limited time now:

  • Employee rights legislation is good. I want to further specify actions that can or can’t be taken against employees for the respective, also better specified, offenses or reasons.
  • Support promising upcoming, even unlicensed businesses not with legislation but rather with my support and help on their way to a license, to new members, and to success.
  • There is a lack of qualified applicants, meaning a shortage of employees for some businesses and departments, while there are employees looking for a new career opportunity. Do you see the connection? Because I do! I want to support employees on their way to competency and qualification all the way to their application by personally assisting and supporting various departments, especially the Department of Commerce (but also for example the Stapleton County Fire Department)
  • My goal is to take precautionary actions in the field of public safety including the prevention of crime before the act with legislation and programs, and prevention of preventable diseases or injuries in the field of health with new programs.
  • Support criminal rehabilitation and reintroduction of former convicts into the workplace.

I hope you got a feel for my policies and ideas from this short list of what is important to me. I absolutely assure you that if I am voted for the position of Senator, I will stick to my policies and ideas, to assure you that you get represented by what you voted for!

Thank you very much for reading my rather long speech, I wish you a good day.


So you’ve since rejoined Firestone? You’ve previously entered positions and then just gone inactive; what can say you won’t do the same here?

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Experience in legislature?

I would support, however your experience is relevant to Firestone, but not relevant to the legislative branch.

Support ! !

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