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The Department of Commerce is currently looking for five (5) people to run our sub-offices in our Department. Currently, we have 5 different offices in our Department to separate and give duties to different people, ensuring we are at full capacity. All of these positions are identified as secondary positions, and the head’s of each office is known as the ‘Board of Directors’.

Current Offices:

  • Internship Office
  • Management Office
  • Regulatory Office
  • Administrative Office
  • Recruitment Office

Meanings & duties:

The Internship Office is the first Office an individual will enter upon joining the Department of Commerce. They will stay in this Office until being trained by the Recruitment Office to enter the Management Office. They have no duties, like a Trainee in DoT. All they need to do is attend a training hosted by a member of the Recruitment Office. The Head of the Internship is tasked with ensuring every Intern has no criminal record (no more than 1 felony arrest, or 2 misdemeanor arrests, and no more than 3 citations). They also ensure that each Intern is trained, and work alongside with the Recruitment Office to open/close DoCm applications.

The Management Office is really the first Office an individual will join, with duties in the Department of Commerce. These members in this Office are tasked with overseeing businesses, essentially ensuring they are abiding by our policies, and are having weekly inspections on a business(es) they are assigned to.

The Regulatory Office manages the regulations/policies that businesses have to follow. They work alongside the Management Office to ensure a business is organized, and employees are being treated well, and not having their rights hindered. This Office can also create policies, and regulations that businesses have to follow, and, with permission from the Administrative Office, can temporarily suspend duties of a business until an issue found is resolved.

The Recruitment Office is tasked with the applications in Commerce. They also train Interns in the Management Office and make sure each Office is topped up with employee’s to ensure a functioning cycle. At the request of a Director of any of the office’s stated above, they can create Applications for that Office. You can mainly refer to this office as a sort-of Academy.

The Administrative Office oversees DoCm, ensuring employee relations are at their top, and settling disputes between staff. The Administrative Office is the highest office IN Commerce, mostly comprised of dedicated employee’s, and hard-workers. The Administrative Office also reserves the right to assist the Chairman of the Board, the Deputy Secretary, and Secretary in voting on businesses, and being requested, may vote on a business themselves. The Administrative Office also reserves the right to inspect any business for any valid reason, and may temporarily SUSPEND the operation of any business for a maximum of ONE week (7 days).


Direct Message the Deputy Secretary of Commerce (R_udy) your application. Creating it on a google document enhances the chances of getting hired by the Department of Commerce.

Answer the following in your application:

  • Your detailed resume
  • Why are you fit for the Head of this office?
  • What are your prior experiences in these positions?
  • What ideas do you have to bring to these offices?
  • Do you understand, that as of right now, you have to create a Trello for your respective office?

Due by Sunday, the 22nd. (Unless the Secretaries extend it)

Thank you & good luck!


Francis H. Underwood
Commerce Secretary

Commerce Deputy Secretary


Thanks for the opportunity.



I will be applying for a job.

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instead of recruitment name it human resources

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Doubt they would accept someone who is banned.

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Thank you for the idea, I will bring it up to our Administration.

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oh man i hope they accept me (i sent this with internet explorer so it might take a while to send)

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oh man i hope they accept me (i sent this with internet explorer so it might take a while to send)