Power To The Municipals And County. A Petition

Power To The Municipals And County Government. A Petition

This petition shall list the powers that municipal and county government should have, and will be requested upon the State Government of Firestone to give the county government and municipal government more power upon their regional jurisdiction, to provide and create a more stable federalism government, and to improve the realism of our current broken federalism system.

Section I: Power To The Municipalities
  1. Municipal Regulation of Business

  2. Municipal Regulation of Road Laws

  3. Municipal Regulation of Some Gun Laws

  4. Municipal Law Enforcement

Section II: Power To The County Government
  1. County Government and Road Laws

  2. Regulation of the Municipalities.

  3. Regulation of Budget

  4. County Courts

Section III: Constitutional Amendment to Ensure Power of County Government

Section I. Power To The Municipalities

Right now, the municipalities do not have much power in their respective jurisdiction. This is because the state laws already has much laws so the municipals can’t create their own laws because the state already has them.

For example, the municipalities can’t regulate business because the state already has that as a power.

1. Municipal Regulation of Business.

The Municipal Government should be allowed to regulate all business in their jurisdiction, the municipalities should be allowed to register businesses, give businesses property (i.e giving a business rogreens), monitering businesses and more. Municipals would have their own commerce.

This means that the state level Department of Commerce would not have the power to grant businesses, however would regulate the municipal commerces and keeping them balanced and in check.

2. Municipal Regulation of Road Laws.

Municipals would regulate road laws in their said jurisdiction. Municipals would create their own municipal road law code that would only be enforced by the municipality.

State law would keep their road laws, however state laws would only be allowed to enforce those road laws outside of their jurisdiction in the following situations:

  1. A vehicle that broke a road law in a municipality is now in the jurisdiction of the state, or is outside of the municipality, a state law enforcement officer can now handle the situation with state road laws.

  2. There is a lack of municipal units online, and a lack of county units online, and the state law enforcement can now enforce their state laws in their municipals.

  3. Municipal and county units are online but unable to deal with the situation, the FSP Trooper can use state law road laws to stop the person if necessary.

  4. If a person that violates municipal law, leaves the jurisdiction of that municipality and theres no state law to compensate for that municipal law. The following would happen:

A.) The State Law Enforcement transfers suspect to municipal custody

B.) State Law Enforcement would release the suspect

Where would state road laws apply?

State road laws would apply in the following areas:

  1. State Jurisdiction such as the highways, Hillview and Greenville townships,

  2. In Situations listed above

  3. In county jurisdiction that is not owned by the municipalities, such as all county areas and roads. (I.e FS HWY 98 in non municipal occupied territory of that highway).

All state laws would have to be modified to give municipals their own power of the roads, while also keeping their state laws for these situations or when someone breaks a road law in state jurisdiction.

Municipal Regulation of Some Gun Laws

Municipalities would regulate the following gun laws in their municipalities.

  • Brandishing and open carry laws.

  • Negligently discharging a firearm laws & other misuse of firearms laws

The following gun laws would NOT be given to the municipalities, and would be given to state jurisdiction.

  • Owning or possessing a illegal gun

-Other gun laws not listed in the regulation of municipal gun laws.

State law would keep their own gun laws for brandishing, open carrying, and negligently discharging a firearm but would only be allowed to enforce those laws in their own jurisdiction or in these special situations:

State Law Enforcement would not enforce municipal gun laws, unless the following has happened:

A person breaks municipal gun laws and theres no municipal or county units online and available for the situation

A person breaks municipal gun laws, and leaves the jurisdiction of the municipality.

Shall the person leave the municipality and there is no state law to compensate for that broken municipal law, the person would either be transferred to municipal custody or be released.

Shall the person leave the municipality and there is a state law to compensate, the state law would apply upon the person, and the officer would arrest the person for that state law.

Municipal Law Enforcement

In order for municipal law to be enforced, municipal law enforcement shall be created in order for municipal laws to be enforced by the municipal law enforcement.

Without a municipal law enforcement, it is not possible for municipal laws to be enforced.

Other Laws

This thread doesn’t cover everything for municipalities. Other stuff would be needed for municipals to work. Such as municipal budgets (if thats added to v3), Municipal towing regulations, swimming pool regulations, and more.

Section II: Power To The County Government

The County Government has not been given much power since the beginning of Firestone. This will ensure that the County Government is provided the power it deserves, and improving the county government of Firestone.

County Government and Road Laws

The County Government would not have its own road laws, however a county law should be created allowing the county law enforcement to enforce municipal road laws when the following happens:

  1. Municipal Law Enforcement requests help from the County Law Enforcement, and the County Law Enforcement would help the Municipal Law Enforcement with enforcing Municipal Laws

  2. There is not enough Municipal Law Enforcement in a city, and the County Law Enforcement can be allowed to enforce Municipal Law in that city if needed, or enforce state road laws in that city as needed.

  3. A person that violated municipal law leaves the municipal jurisdiction, county law enforcement can either enforce municipal or state laws against that person.

County Law Enforcement would also be allowed to enforce State Laws in their jurisdiction, except in Municipal Cities where they are not needed to enforce laws at the time.

County Law Enforcement would be allowed to enforce state road laws, and municipal laws in some situations!

Regulation of Municipalities

The county government would regulate municipalities and keep them in check. Because county law is more higher then municipal law. County government can make laws to nullify municipal law, keep them in check, and more.

Regulation of Budget

The county government would regulate budget, if that was added to v3.

IF taxes were added into v3, county government would be the ones to collect the taxes.

However if there is a budget without taxes, county government would create budgets for their own departments and for the municipalities.

County Courts

The county courts would be in charge of prosecuting anyone that violates municipal laws or county laws. The county courts would have jurisdiction of the county and the municipalities, and would be inferior to the State Courts.

Other laws, powers, and more would also have to be given to the county govt for it to work smoothly, this thread does not cover everything the county govt should have.

Section III: Constitutional Amendment to Ensure The Power of County Government.

The Constitution of the State should include an amendment to reserve some rights to the county government. The amendment would probably be something like this

“All power not given to the state in the constitution shall be given to the county government and the municipal governments of Firestone”

This would ensure that Firestone is a federalism state, and would ensure that the county government has power.

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You’re like the Alexander Hamilton of Firestone. Writing writing writing writing writing writing writing. Oh yeah, and more writing.

Although, I do love how this is formatted and is a great outline for potential legislature that can be submitted to congress. Honestly, this is a pretty good time to submit this since all of the confirmations and stuff are pretty much over.

I’m a strong advocate for municipal governments. If this isn’t attempted during this term, I’ll plan on running next term for house and draft this.


After long discussion, and conversation on these issues with sharm, I believe that this needs to be considered by our congressmen/women! Please take into consideration all of these ideas, and look into how we can improve as a state.

As there are a lot of debates about how the State has too much power, and the municipal governments have no say, these are all things that should be done to equally distribute it.

As a MAYOR within Stapleton County, I believe our jobs have already been done on the State level, and doing this would help us become more of a municipality. A municipal government should be writing city-limit laws, road laws, etc.

We need to establish a well rounded government system within Firestone, and ensuring the balance of government control from Municipal to State is the best way to start at this.

Mayor of Redwood


Strongly agree. Hopefully next term I can assist in making this petition a reality. I’ve always been all-for making Firestone better and more realistic. I’ve founded two privately owned businesses that are commerce approved and have worked with many people to transform their lives for the better. I hope this can just be another thing that we can work together to becoming something that changes the state.


This would render the state commerce useless, and it would mean that state laws can’t be enforced in cities. Overall this has a lot of problems that would not be realistic and most likely would never pass Congress.


Read the thread again for solutions, it allows state law to be enforced in cities in special circumstances


going to drop this in here



State laws are always enforced in cities no matter what lmao.


The vast majority of this is “the state no longer has literally any power at all 'cause we’re giving it all to the county.” You know the county is part of the state, right, and is therefore subject to its laws?

SPT Skye Jones
princess skye!!#9640


I am not in support of this as it is basically forming the county and other municipalities as their own state. If we’re going to be modeling off of the USA, you should know that federal agencies such as the FBI has jurisdiction over all states. Federal law has jurisdiction over all states.

We shouldn’t model oursevles off the USA, we need to do it the way we want to. With this, you’re rendering many departments extremely useless and completely taking away the entire purpose of a state government. You’re giving the county and other municipalities too much power.

I’m sorry, I do not support this. Nor do I think congress would even pass it.

Senator, Chairman of CGOC


Not really,

State law enforcement would still have some jurisdiction in municipals however only when neccisary

Also state would still have many powers, its not like county would just take all their powers away


fbi was an ironic comparison but no sweat


Municipal Commerce? No. Our current commerce is already fucking dead, not only would this just make new dead depts but would make the process of getting a business improved even MORE tedious. It’s already exceptionally hard. Don’t make it harder.

And the fact that you literally state that State law wouldn’t take effect EVERYWHERE IN THE STATE and at ALL TIMES will cause a MASSIVE legislative crisis.

Now, you weren’t probably around when this happened, but the county government once made it illegal to even own a firearm thanks to their shitty legislation. It was awful, even our LEOs were getting fucked hardcore by it. I will never be willing to give any lesser government the power of gun regulation.

We only have around 200 LEOs with SCSO and FSP combined. With municipal LEOs we’d have to split that up to around 40 per dept. POST isn’t pushing out cadets like it once was because more and more people already have POST cert. This would stunt 5 departments growths.

County gov already has the power to regulate road laws. They don’t do their one thing assigned to them. End of story. They’re inneffective in doing the ONE THING we gave to them.

County gov already regulates municipalities.

County courts wouldn’t have enough people to be interested. Ask @DannyboyJurist , very few people apply to be judge, and even fewer are actually competent to get past a mock trial.


for once i agree with ovg :clap:

no support


Oh, I completely forgot DHS with my LEO point. 275 total officers, give or take. 45 leos per dept. Still pretty bad.


To add on to what OVG was saying about the courts, the state courts itself struggles to get Justices, they don’t even have the full amount the constitution grants. To fill all the seats for county courts would either A) be really hard to do or B) you would just have terrible Justices



Tj, as a former colleague of yours who served alongside you as the Deputy Mayor of Redwood, and now a Representative, I can tell you that this is a crappy idea. Please read over it more.


we would have to draft people into being judges


lol nay


State law would still apply in the city, its just that state law would only apply to the city when neccesary.

Additionally, we wouldn’t need too many judges in the county, Maybe one good judge would be fine as not too many court cases would be done against someone violating a municipal law or county law.