POLL: Add recalls at the County/Municipal level?

Ever since recalls have become legislation at the state level, I have juggled the idea of implementing them at the County and Municipal levels to give citizens the opportunity to hold elected officials accountable, without having to juggle support in County/City legislatures or through impeachments, which can be highly controversial and should only be reserved for severe cases of misconduct. I have ultimately decided to put this decision to those who will be taking advantage of such abilities the most: The people at large.

Do you feel as if recalls should be introduced within the County/Municipal governments, and if not, why? If you feel that recalls should have a differing process compared to recalls at the state level, please provide suggestions below:

  • Yes, recalls should be implemented at the inferior level, and should mirror the way recalls are conducted at the state level.
  • Yes, recalls should be implemented, but they should be conducted differently than at the state level.
  • No, recalls should not be implemented at the inferior level.

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