Petition to Remove Incompetent Judge SirCalebXVI From The District Court Bench

Attention citizens of the State of Firestone,

I am petitioning to have SirCalebXVI removed from his position as District Court Judge. While I have the utmost respect for the judiciary, I believe Judge SirCalebXVI has demonstrated he is not fit for this important duty.

I have been following closely the criminal case State of Firestone v. TheFirestoneBandit (Case link: Discord), the proceedings were plagued by technical difficulties and unorthodox statements from the bench that call the judge’s competence into serious question.

From the very start, the remote access ordered by Judge SirCalebXVI failed repeatedly, frustrating the attorneys as they tried to advocate for their clients. When questioned about this, SirCalebXVI admitted “It honestly might be my phone that keeps resetting it,” acknowledging the court’s own technology as a likely culprit.

Even more troubling were SirCalebXVI’s casual remarks that seemed to mock the serious nature of a criminal trial. After hastily taking a plea before charges were even confirmed, His Honor stated “Ooopsie” - hardly reflecting the solemn responsibility of the position.

Most egregious of all was SirCalebXVI’s complete disregard of proper protocols. He asked for a plea when the charges were explicitly not yet confirmed or entered into the record. This falls far below the stringent standards citizens should expect from their district judges.

While I’m sure Judge SirCalebXVI believes himself well-intentioned, these lapses and lack of basic legal competency demonstrate he is not fit for the bench. The integrity of our justice system, and rights of every defendant, require a judge who has command of both the technical and professional aspects of the job.

I therefore urge all citizens of good conscience to support my petition to remove SirCalebXVI from office. Only then can we ensure the people of Firestone receive the fair, impartial trials before well-qualified jurists that they rightly deserve under the law. Please sign below if you also wish to see a change made for the betterment of justice in our community.

I urge @DannyboyJurist to launch a confidential inquiry into SirCabel handling of this case.


I didn’t read the post but support, he needs to go blood


I agree so me and him can finally run together for something again.

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cannot make a comment as an impartial trialer for impeachments (which is the only way Caleb could be removed, other than resignation)

(had to respond because of clonemep precedent) (congress still hasnt made a law)

Aye mine

He has clearly made a severe and continuous lapse in his judgement (or lack of judgement badum tsh), and he shouldn’t expect to be forgiven. He should simply apologize to the great people of this State.

It is clear that this case was unplanned! The reactions of this “judge” were raw and unfiltered, as if he didn’t know how to react to the unfolding situation.

He should have corrected his actions or mistrialled.
There’s a lot of things he should have done differently but he didn’t.


in reality this seems like an innocent mistake, give the man a break, I stand with Caleb


I just read the entire case and I can’t find the “technical difficulties” you refer to. As for the minor goof on order: who cares? One, it’s plain error that doesn’t matter, and it was quickly corrected with no harm.

Just shut up lmfao. Dude it’s a video game


Oh so, when Caleb uttered “Oopsie” in response to hasty pleas taken before proper protocols, was that a mIsTaKe or a lapse in decorum? When Caleb asked for a plea w/o charges formally entered, was that merely a mIsTaKe too, or an outright violation of due process? Was the repeated failure of Caleb remote access tech truly a mIsTaKe also, or a reflection of inadequate preparation?

:sob: ← that u?


This warrants an immediate FBI–Congressional investigation.


I just read the entire case and I can’t find the “technical difficulties” you refer to.

SirCaleb acknowledging: “It honestly might be my phone that keeps resetting it.” This is a clear acknowledgement of repeated problems disrupting the proceedings. Dismissing documented remarks from the record is unhelpful.

As for the minor goof on order: who cares? One, it’s plain error that doesn’t matter, and it was quickly corrected with no harm.

That “minor goof” undermines public trust in the judiciary’s commitment to competence and the rights of all involved.

Just shut up lmfao. Dude it’s a video game

Using dismissive language without addressing the issue raised does little to reassure concerned citizens as myself. In fact, it tends to suggest you know I’m right when you have to resort to trivializing the serious function of our legal system.

Bold of you to assume the public at large even remembers we exist half the time. Also, accidentally reversing confirmation of charges and plea in pretrial order isn’t a due process violation, especially when it’s immediately corrected. If you even watched Law & Order as your only legal education you’d know what harmless error is (and is pervasive both in rl courts and ours).

I’m using dismissive language because nothing you say is worth any actual effort to deal with by any party involved. You are so grossly incompetent and foolish you are not worth my time, nor anyone’s.


I support the removal of SirCalebXVI from the District Court Bench.


I’m going make only one serious reply to your forum thread, and then I’m going to pay your concerns no mind afterward


What you’re accusing me of is the largest reach I’ve ever seen. The technical difficulties I experienced were not the fault my own, NOR was it the fault of the court. It was the fault of the communication between my phone and my PC. When I set the permissions on my PC—as soon as I opened my phone, the permissions would reset to default and “pseudo-remove” people from the channel that I originally added them in.

To put this simply: on my PC, the permissions would show true. On my phone, the permissions would show false. Solution? I had to repeatedly delete the discord app from my phone; reset the permission on PC; and then redownload the discord app.

Out of all the hardship I went through, I complained not once!



Grow up.



This is a photo of the Chief Court Justice forgetting to enter a plea for the defendant despite us almost being done with pretrial

Everyone makes mistakes.



Nuh uh.



You spelled my name wrong.



so true im an innocent man

No. :slight_smile:

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sorry, what did you get on your bar exam again?

oh, yea sorry


i didnt read this and i wont be reading this, but i blindly support it because he’s from ohio

down with caleb


Emma said some mean things to me earlier today so

no support

Who is that?

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