Petition to get rid of supervisor requests

they are useless and a waste of time for both leos, supervisors, and criminals

supervisors cannot issue field discipline and cannot stop a leo from making an arrest

and 99% of supervisors just say ‘give them your sgts tag and call it a day’

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This just wastes time and honestly doesn’t lead anywhere, but in some cases letting a supervisor know in game gets more attention brought upon an issue if there is one.


Supervisors only serve a real purpose if the leo isn’t certain abt something and wants clarification- but if he doesn’t want it and is confident in himself there is nothing a supervisor can do to stop his arrest/detainment

And before a criminal makes a comment- no supervisor requests are not in the BOR, they are department policy…


they seem semi-reasonable so maybe if one is in game then they should be allowed but if one isn’t paging and shit would be completely unnecessary.

basically, if one is in game sure
if not take the tag and dip


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GO TO @Skeletron19YT


SCSO is not the only department that has supervisor requests


I agree - very few depts. still have them because of this

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Not sure if they still have the same policy in FSP but Troopers were recommended to get a Supervisor, but if they believed it was simply to troll or prolong the arrest you could deny it. Obviously, if I watch you stab someone to death, try to flee, you get arrested, and the first thing you scream is “SUPERVISOR”, I’m not getting you a supervisor.

If no supervisor is in-game, you pinged one, and one had 10 minutes to respond.

This should be a universal DPS policy.


no, some cops are dumb like @f_rbidding so you need a supervisor to hold back their vicious dogs from arresting random ppl for random reasons because people who dont try hard firestone don’t use a clip software.

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almost every single page for a supervisor in the SCSO discord I deny, within seconds I’m able to tell it’s a bullshit reason


Yeah troopers need to request for one when provided. I can tell if they’re wasting time when I tell the trooper to have him or her dm me the situation when I’m busy and usually they stop asking for one and ask to be arrested. Anyway when it’s legitimate, what I do is get both sides of the story and ask for any proof and if the proof shows the subject or officer is in the wrong, it’s a definite decision for me. Otherwise I’ll try to find out more what happened prior to the event if neither party has any proof or whatever


good idea auto. should be a courtesy not an expectation considering a supervisor can’t stop you from proceeding with an arrest

if you have proof of officer wrongdoing just submit a dps or court case and save everybody time in county


Plus another issue with a Supervisor is that they CANNOT legally stop or hinder an arrest. Even if I were the most corrupt officer and cuff rushed a player, my supervisor cannot order me to release someone I have probable cause to arrest, even in violation of policy, law, etc.

However, despite my disregarding his suggestion to not arrest, and I do in fact arrest, he can then order me off the team. Then order an investigation, suspend me, I get sued, etc.

But my point is that he cannot legally stop my arrest, even if I were suspended or fired from duty in the middle of an arrest.


this u ?

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too long, should be 5 minutes

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