Oi dps get ur head out ur ass

Hello, I am the cute little neighbourhood bear.

ok basically dps doesn’t require investigators to have a post certification which is absolutely ridiculous.

I think for the love of all things holy dps should require post certifications if they wish to investigate leos.
if they don’t want to do post and gain a certification they should be limited to only investigating departments like scfd,dot & dpw.

ok post ur opinions but if they r stupid i don’t care


or how about DPS lets each department’s command deal with their issues instead of DPS sticking their nose into every department’s issues?

just a suggestion :wink:



Also, DPS needs to refrain from handling situations that can be easily dealt with by Department HICOMM. DPS should not take the Department HICOMM’s ability away to manage their own employees - it’s just dumb. DPS was originally designed to investigate situations that have minimal, evidence, to figure out what went wrong, NOT handle situations that do not require an investigation.

I spoke with Kasterix on this, and he said he is going to try to let Department HICOMM handle more of their own situations. Let’s see if he delivers.



Yes, I strongly am with this.



this is NicholasBlackwood. he’s the former deputy chief of investigations in DPS. he didn’t have a POST cert and was investigating a LEO . i just LOVE the irony in this.

and to ryan, you better fix your department man.


I do not believe a POST certification is necessary for all employees of DPS, HOWEVER:
I believe they should have some legal background instead of just a POST cert lol.

Half of them probably dont know shit about the law. I do not believe we should allow people who dont even know the law to punish/investigate/ect against those who at least have some legal background as officers.

Tldr; Atleast a POST cert would be nice, but I believe they should instead have other legal qualifications or more.


Give Ryan a few days, he’s just getting situated in his new office.


It was one investigator, he’s gone.

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Okay Pugi opinion time.

DPS is responsible for investigations. They are supposed to be a non-biased party, unlike possibly HICOMM. I would agree with giving DPS a few questions just law related tho.

Stop hating on DPS, it’s their job to remain non-biased parties. They are there so HICOMM isn’t biased in an investigation


I, Ash1835 will do everything in my power to ensure these more fair and balanced requirements are implemented.

Thank you @B_ear, very cool!

The Right Honourable Lieutenant Governor Ash1835


you say that but a majority of people have little faith in our state’s congress

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i can’t control the people i work with

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it gets annoying when DPS starts to deal with situations that department command can deal with. it’s obvious DPS is supposed to be for investigations but when you see something like this:


it kinda makes you wonder if DPS is truly non-biased (this is the former deputy chief of investigations in DPS)

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actually not true, a lot of dps employees are in departments themselves - this means they likely communicate with other members in their department regurarly

now, am i friends with my deputies? no, i wouldnt be able to list more than 10 names (not including supervisors).


insert sound of sobbing deputies :sob:

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how about veiqs

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POST, law enforcement experience AND legal background should be required. If you’re an LEO, you’ll understand why an LEO responds to a situation the way they do.


I agree

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He worked in another group of mine (no longer does), which still doesn’t make me friends with him (since I differentiate staff and friends). Additionally, I wouldn’t be the one handling the DPS case.

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i work for dps and i have both a bar and post certificate

ngl a lot of the cases ive gotten definitely benefitted from my background

but that’s not to say that all do- most investigators are senior department employees, some with extensive backgrounds

those that arent obviously have a few ounces of common sense because from what I’ve seen DPS screens applications thoroughly and train the staff very well

the LEO stuff really isnt difficult to understand like we dont get difficult cases to begin with, much less assigned to a single investigator- anything that really is major is assigned to several people which usually are experienced- if not assigned to hicom

tldr most leo stuff is common sense most of the dps employees ive encountered have common sense (and most have a POST anyways)