OfficerBoardGame for Senator "Something new for Firestone"

OfficerBoardGame for Senator “Something new for Firestone”

Around 1 1/2 years ago our founder brought fourth a new ro-nation. For that, we all should thank him for this. Now, my name is OfficerBoardGame and I am running for Senator in the State of Firestone. Now, citizens of Firestone I am going to bring fourth reasons I should be chosen, and elected into the Senate. Now, everyone runs on the idea “I listen to everyone” but never do. This is different. I promise to listen to all citizens here. If not, impeach me. You can keep my word. Now, If I am elected I will also propose bills that the public likes, and confirm the people who deserve it unlike past senators cough IJake15 situation cough. The following are bills or amendments that I would propose if you like.
-New Laws Helping LEOS
-Laws Regarding DoT Towing
-Laws to help prevent Firearm Misuse
-Amendments to Benefit Firestone

Anything you want me to add go ahead and let me know.

Yours truly, Senator Candidate OfficerBoardGame

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@OfficerBoardGame you never were anything in firestone all you were was all in koliger,

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Elections are done