Nxders for House 2019

Nxders for House of Representatives

Section I - Introduction
Section II - Plans
Section III - Conclusion


To whom it may concern,

My name is Nxders currently a Civilian and a Deputy employed within the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office. I sparked an interest in running for the House of Representatives because it is a field I haven’t entered in before but I do feel I could make an impact to the State of Firestone.


I plan to communicate with the Citizens, especially employees within Firestone Departments to see how wages and certain conditions may improve. I would make sure to fight our Citizens listening to their suggestions and work to create reasonable bills suitable for their demands. I will issue polls twice a month for the public to enter anonymous feedback/suggestions for the House and continue to be an active member interacting with the community.


Hopefully after reading my speech, I have convinced you to support me for the House of Representatives. I am always open to suggestions and my dms are open (transgender#0890) so if you would ever like to discuss something with me you can reach me there. I am also open to respective criticism, so please do comment whatever you are feeling after reading my speech, and I will take no offense.





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Spkr. Skye Jones

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Support, good luck to you.

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Support, hate how we had to scroll to the right, but I like the man.

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