Numbering Cells

Hallo, it’s me again.

So, within FDOC, when opening a cell, it’s required that you have to state the cell number when opening or closing it, just so we know exactly what is happening.

Well, kinda hard when the cells don’t have numbers on it. Now, before you say that we can just get rid of that thing, no. That’s not happening. We need to know what’s going on at all times, so when we walk into that cellblock, we know exactly what’s happening, what cell is opened, how many people are in it, etc. And it can be useful in investigations, as well.

So, I was thinking and there are a few good ways to do this. One of them would be to just put a tile above the cell door and put the cell number there, or next to the cell. However, we would need to see them from a distance, so maybe something like they have at Norfolk (or had, depending on whether or not you call Norfolk dead), so the cell number is on a wall that’s sticking out, next to the cell.

I mean, those are a few ways, but as long as our cells are numbered one way or another, it’ll be alright.



yes ‘’

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no. There is more bigger issues that should be fixed first

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This’ll take like legit 5 mins. Sounds easy enough.


Ye, it will be a quick addition, maybe not 5 mins but 30 mins tops

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Shush DOC need stuff like numbered cells