NotableMonkey for Arborfield City Council


Greetings, Firestone. I’m NotableMonkey running for City Council of Arborfield. I’m running for City Council as I think it would be a great way to start some experience in a Legislative office, before pursuing anything else that may be higher. On top of this, I think it would be fitting to run for office in Arborfield as I’ve already done some things here and wish to continue any work I’ve done here.


I enjoy getting on Firestone, and just interact with random people. But now I want to consider pursuing something a bit more serious and try and get more engaged with the game and group. With a decent chunk of free time, I thought this could be a good option to start with, so here I am.


Arborfield Press Secretary (Under Jacobbron and Automationeer as Mayor)
Jim’s Fly & Tac
Firestone Transit (Transit Employee)
Bunny’s Auto Sales (Sales Associate)


  • Coordinate events with local businesses in Arborfield to promote growth
  • Coordinate community events with residents and get them more engaged within the city
  • And of course, collaborate with fellow councilors to promote more activity


I thank anybody who took time to read this speech, and hope to be seeing you all in Arborfield. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Contact me via discord: cama2#4156

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Support from dylansuperspiderma.

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what kind of events specifically? just plain meet and greets, etc

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I am hoping on trying to get more job fairs and events orientated to promote businesses as I think it should be of higher priority for city governments, but of course meet and greets as well to see how I can help.

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Go Vote! Arborfield City Council Voting, October 2022