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Wake Up Stapleton


Some of you may know me, some of you may not. So lets get to the gist of this. I joined Firestone in 2021 and ever since then I have been a part of multiple departments and political positions. Stapleton County could use some work. I think we can all agree with that. The activity of the county government is not as good as it used to be. The Council is active but the county fails in showing it. That is in important reason why I’m running. To reduce inactivity and bring back the County government!

Candidate Information
I have been a part of multiple department, most notably the Department of State and the Department of Boating and Waterways. Those are the two departments I hold leadership positions in. I started off politics in the Prominence District Council. During that time I learned my ways through city government, which wasn’t enough for me. So soon after I decided to run for Senate winning 5th place but still making it into the Senate. I ended up running for a complete term and winning 2nd place behind former Governor hxppyteddyy with 21 votes. During my time in the Senate I was a prime example of what the Senate should look like. I took things seriously and made sure that all legislation was correct. I passed a lot of confirmations like the nomination of Associate Justice Skye_Jones, Secretary of State EvayLaws, Major General Antador and more! I later moved into diplomacy where I currently server as the Firestone Special Representative to Vancouver where I represent the State of Firestone.


Stapleton County Councilman
Prominence District Councilman
Special Representative to Vancouver
Assistant Secretary of State
Stapleton County Deputy Chief of Staff
Stapleton County Deputy Press Secretary
Arborfield Clerk
Arborfield Police Department Officer
DOBW Board of Directors
DOCM Public Affairs
POST Admissions and Public Affairs
and a bit more…

Plans for Office

Executive Branch

Under my tenure as County Executive I will strive to develop a more transparent and competent Executive Branch. This means I will hire the most qualified individuals for a spot in my Administration. If I am being completely honest, that is mostly all I can do in terms of my administration. I will make sure that every member is active and does contribute to the image and success of the Executive Branch.

County Council

As a member of the County Council, I understand some of the struggles the County Council goes through. Sometimes some councilmembers may not be available, and most recently there has been a decline in councilmembers. More and more members are resigning because of the significance of the County Council. This can be solved in multiple ways but it requires the County Council only. I do not want to overstep into another branch. I do believe that the county council has the ability to power their own success. I will continue to support them and encourage them to write legislation and attend sessions and county events.

Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

Ah yes, the most controversial one of all the County Executives. I’m friends with people who are a part of the department and they are intelligent and experienced individuals. I do not believe the Sheriff’s Office is in a bad state. There are some issues that can be solved but I do trust Sheriff Skeletron19YT and Undersheriff 4TECHGAMERYT to do their job and maintain the success of the department. I do want to regularly check up on the department and their command to ensure that activity standards are met and what I and department command can do to help.

Stapleton County Fire Department

Another controversial department for County Executives. Just like the Sheriff’s Office, I do believe the Fire Department is doing a great job. As an officer in APD I get to see a lot of Firefighters and EMT’s in-game and as far as I’ve seen, they’re one of the most active ones in-game. This is what I love to see. I love that their employees enjoy their jobs enough that they’re active frequently and I want to commend the SCFD staff for their great job in training and activity! I will also be checking in on the department frequently to ensure that the department is kept up to standards.

Stapleton County Port Authority

The Port Authority is not coming until the release of v3 but I do think it is important that I address this. I’m friends with the Chief and I do believe he is doing an awesome job setting up and preparing the department for the release of version 3. I commend his hard work and determination and I also thank the Port Authority command for assisting him in the setup of the department.

Business-County Relations

As a member of the Department of Commerce Public Affairs I know what it’s like to engage with businesses frequently. I enjoy attending business shifts and I enjoy meeting with their employees. Businesses do an exceptional job in-game and I want to help them out in any way possible. I will be establishing an Office of Business Relations in my administration that will help with the success of businesses. That office will allow us to engage with businesses more directly and ensure they get the help they need with money, activity, or any ither needs.

City-County Relations

I’ve been a part of city governments for a long time and they do a great job. I know that it’s entry-level positions but for that they do a great job. I think it’s important that we maintain a strong relationship with city governments to ensure they are successful in the future. I do not want another DonxId incident happening. I want to make sure that the city governments are successful and that they are not infected with chaos and destruction, like we saw in Redwood. I think it could’ve been handled a lot better.


Overall, I do think that the success of the county relies all in activity. We haven’t seen much of that frequently and I want to ensure that activity standards are met. There are issues I want to cover on if I am elected like SCSO approval ratings but those issues are minor and can be fixed with easy communication. Success is activity, teamwork, determination, and communication!

If you have any questions ask them in the thread or in my dms: noobsss.

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wake up stapleton… support ig


Yes we’re all asleep we need to wake up

not reading ALL of that! But support!!

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I support!

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who even are you?


A roblox lego person

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fair enough. endorse and support



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If you don’t mind can you tell what issues please?



Me not being Sheriff

Well I believe the biggest issue that SCSO is facing right now, in term of the public eye, is the public image. I think it’s definitely been a lot better since a year ago but it could be something to work on. I think public affairs could also be worked on to have citizens engage with SCSO in events rather than in a crime scene or traffic stop.

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I don’t want to plan a lot with SCSO because at the end of the day it always ends up going south. I think the County Executive should have a part in the routine but a minor role only. I think it would go a lot better if the department itself contributed and fixed most of their issues rather than the the County Executive because at the end of the day I’m not the one in the department, you guys are. (If you have any problem with this you can reach out in my dms and we can talk about what would be better for you, Skelet, and the department)

tldr: The CE is not the Department Head. I trust the department in fixing most of its issues because I’m not a part of the department and my job is only oversight. I dont want to overstep and ruin your operations.


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Election concluded. Not enough supports to reach placement on ballot.