NoobletNub for Representative

Hello, my name is NoobletNub, and I am running for a spot in the Firestonian House. I am a previous Senator, and I am wishing to make a return to the Ro-Politics centre.


Not only have I gained extensive knowledge of the workings of legislative operations in Ro-Politics, but I also have experience within the Firestone legislation section. My previous positions are:


Speaker of the House, twice
Lieutenant Governor, once
Congressman, 4-6 times


Senator, once

Through my previous titles, I have gained the ability to effectively carry out the job, to represent you, the citizen, in our Congress.


Starting fresh, I want to really further Firestone within our congress this term, I have high hopes not only in our government but our state as a whole in this term.

One of my goals in Firestone is to create laws that improve the immersion and roleplay in Firestone, passing laws that increase realistic roleplay opportunities but without hindering gameplay experience so that it doesn’t become a chore.

Firestone, for me, separates itself from the other Ro-States with the depth of realism and immersion put forth into the cities, giving a fresher, more involved experience. I wish to preserve and enhance that aspect of our state, by regulating laws to increase immersion and fight against ones that enhance them or overly hinder the gameplay aspect of Firestone.


Thanks for reading my speech, and why I think you should vote me to be your next Representative.


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With the disappointment of a trap being elected with the second highest votes, whereas you deserve the position of Senate, I hereby support and endorse this candidate.

you only have a couple hours left


actually 1 but thanks!

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Support, You really deserved a place in Senate and I believe you deserve a bigger place in HoR


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The communist party failed at getting you to senate. They won’t fail at getting you to house. Support.


Full support

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full support.

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hell yeah man support

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Elections are done