Noice_dev for Senate

Table of Contents:

Section I - Introduction

Section II - Plans

Section III - Experience

Section IV - Conclusion


Hello Citizens/ workers of Firestone,

I have been a citizen here for almost 2 months and I have seen how well Firestone has been worked on, the more and more updates we have the better we become. Therefore, I am trying to make it even better by running for a spot in the Firestone Senate.

I have gained extensive knowledge in Ro-Politics since way back in 2016. I have been able to grow my experiences and have had support from friends & others in the congress to push me through. As this is my first time running in Firestone, I ask for your support and gratitude.


  • I will firstly be as active as I can to keep the senate alive.

  • I will make sure I have proper communication with the citizens of Firestone.

  • I will make sure I study hard before I convict an impeachment and gather information first before casting my vote.

  • I will try to find bills with holes and that isn’t cut down good or any misunderstanding in it will be denied.

  • I plan to make sure that all LEO’s are recording pursuits, so that the citizen and the LEO is saved in court evidence wise.

  • I plan on stancing on 6th amendment.

  • I plan on continuing gun control but making sure it’s not brought by many people, such as raising prices on the weapons.

  • I plan on amending the constitution.

  • I do not plan on making anything illegal.


Before I arrived at Firestone I was included highly with NUSA, this includes becoming the Director of Health & being in the senate for a term. I upholded this position correctly as I thought. I always got dm’s from American Citizens saying I was one of the best senators they have had in ages. I was always communicating with every single Congress weekly and making sure we were all on the same page. I choose to do the same for Firestone.

Questions can be forwarded to discord, Noice_Dev#7336 or on Firestone forums. I will make sure I am in communication with the public when needed and if you need anything, my dm’s are always open. If you support me to be elected for senate please reply with “Support!”.

I may have a warrent, I may have been bit silly, but I’m asking you now to take a stand and lets make this state awesome. I am going to change and I hope the public can all understand that. Let me make this state amazing!

“Strive for Excellence”


Senator Candidate

Firestone Independence Party

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Looking to increase the way evidence is made in courts. Such as LEO’s recording pursuits, etc.

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I don’t plan on making anything more illegal.

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sorry, correct me if im wrong

dont you have a warrant?

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ah, yes. image


I do, but I plan on changing my firestone life around. As states in my speech I have made that clear to the public.

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You have a active warrent for your arrest.

Maybe you should run when your warrent expires.

do you really think that sentence alone is going to cancel out your history

You running is like asking the FBI to investigate you

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TitanNation had a warrant in fact two and some are stating even after it’s gone she is still a criminal. After active warrant is gone you should re-run.

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Titan is a girl?

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Actually, he cannot be impeached for any crimes that were committed before he is elected. Therefore, he can technically run. @BangaBus_Quit @TheMatthew_RBLX @ChrisJSyndicate But I believe he should not run while having an active warrant, maybe wait a few months and fix his FS life.

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Just to inform you for future posts, I’m a male. @TheMatthew_RBLX No, I’m Male.

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you sure?

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You’re a good friend of mine but on the other hand, you have an active warrant.
I think you should run when your warrant expires.

No Support,