nikodemzi7Alt for Arborfield City council

Greetings, Firestone residents! My name is Nikodemzi7Alt, and I will be running for Arborfield City Council. I will try to keep this as simple as possible while encouraging you to vote for me. Who am I exactly? Well, it’s probably unknown to you, but I can assure you that I have been in this community for a while. I enjoy exploring the state and its people, talking to others, and its enjoyment. I also joined POST and work for the Arborfield Police Department. However, I wanted to take a step forward and bring about change in the State of Firestone as a new City Councilman. As for my experience, But as a new City Councilman, I wanted to advance and bring about change in the State of Firestone. Despite the fact that I don’t have much experience with legislation, my employment with the Arborfield Police Department and my previous experiences in other organizations motivate me to keep pushing for changes in the state. By listening to every resident of Firestone and Arborfield, as well as the state, I hope to have a positive impact on the community. My objectives include fairness and the reduction of high crime rates inside Arborfield. Along with ensuring safety, I also want to discuss future plans with businesses, law enforcement agencies, the fire department, and public services about how we can significantly improve Arborfield and move closer to Firestone. I would want to thank you for reading my bid for City Council and for your time during this entire speech. I really hope I can be of assistance to you, the Arborfield residents, and the state of Firestone.

God Bless Firestone

Perfect place to start, support.


awesome first job in government, support

Support and Endorse


wsp i support

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Support and Endorsed by the Speaker of House.




Election concluded. See: Arborfield City Council Elections | February 2024 - #9 by FaithFCM