Ndh1015 For Senate

Hello I’m Ndh, I’m a current employee in the Department of Public works and a Supervisor in the Capital Gas of Firestone. Now some of the reasons I should be elected is because I’m a former senator in a Ro-Nation and I’m also a great leader. I have also been in the Prominence District Council. I have great activity and will always be able to take any suggestions or ideas from the public no matter how good or bad they are cause I want everyone to have a voice in Firestone. Some of the other reasons I should be elected is I’m great at coming up with new bills and ideas for people too. I know I’m not known as much as these other candidates but I do possess some great factors. I would like to thank you for your time and hope you consider voting for me in the next Firestone Senator Elections.

What Ro-Nation were you a Senator in? Also what bills are you coming up with?

I was a Senator In OSFUSA and most of my bills are still a work in progress but one I have started thinking about it is maybe some new department ideas but for now most of them will be kept private due to the fact I don’t need people taking my ideas.

Then no support, I have no idea what you’re planning to do.

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no plans to share, no supports to share

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thats what your speech is for. its to share your ideas with the public so they know why to vote for you

support y not not like you’re gonna win anyways

Well there small but I want to be able to make FPE not a Business but of somewhat of a volunteer job or a program id also try to get them a team in V3 and a new bill that allows departments to park at CD in a designated spot that is saved for them by a sign and any civ that parks there shall be towed My last idea is to add police parking around the map at various businesses.
(This was recently thought of)

you dont have control over a single one of those things
those are all dev issues

what is the point of different parking spots…