My thoughts on the Department of Transportation

As a supervisor of DOT, and being in DOT, coming up on 4 months in 1 hour and 29 minutes, I’d like to see what you guys think about DOT. Heres my opinion.

Efficencey of DOT
Activity Wise? Most of DOT is great. Besides the few BS comments that we are inactive because it takes us 2 minutes to load into FS and respond to the pager, its not bad. What I do have to say, which is partially my fault which I can try to improve because im in TD, is our Training Division Instructors activity. It has been quite low, and hasn’t really benifited us. With reforms, TD HICOMM is trying to improve this, but overall quality has decreased, which I could see before I was switched from TTP/SS instructor to just TTP instructor because SS Inst. spots were full. Anyways, this overall switch has been creating less quality trainees, and I feel what we were doing in the Training Division before this switch was very effective. I feel the response time of DOT is well, and that we have became more active as a whole.

Activity of DOT
The Activity of DOT has improved as a whole under Secretary Slinksing. DOT employees, DOT supervisors, and DOT HICOMM has a whole. Not much ehse to say.

Thoughts on HICOMM members
T8: Cool
I feel, although he isn’t seen as much, when needed to do something he is able to do all that is needed.
T7: (I dont really feel like writing the same thing)
T5: Although there was controversy in the begining for I believe expidited ranking, he has done very well in leading TD.
T3+ They are all doing very well, and should continue what they are doing.


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