My thoughts about Undersheriff WarriorMasterKiller being removed from SCSO


This post has only to do with my own opinion and not anyone else’s.

So after Straphos released a post about Former Undersheriff WarriorMasterKiller being removed from his position, I was upset that it happened. Hopefully, he will try to get back in his position as stated by Sheriff Straphos. I was a former Deputy First Class in the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office last year around July. It was my first department I joined when Warrior was in SCSO at that time with me when Shysun (Former Sheriff) became Sheriff. Me and warrior were good friends, he was active a lot in the department when I was in SCSO. It was great seeing me working with Warrior and I give him a good luck trying him to get back in SCSO cause that is what I really want to see.

Conclusion: That is all of my opinions of Former Undersheriff Warrior.
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