My Take on 'An Amendment to C.II.XIV'

So the legislature has proposed an amendment to the Constitution which would then again undermine and prohibit the Courts from doing the tasks it should be doing. This is the second time they’ve done something like this without even coming to the Courts about said issue.

Many members of Congress are in support of it, at least that’s what it looks like.

If you all don’t know what I’m talking about, please look here and then continue reading.

This is not a great idea. There is a reason why we limit who can pardon and who can seal records. It is imperative the job sticks with the Courts.

The Courts can grant expungements, and the Governor can pardon people. The Courts may have a lot of expungements, yes, but we are getting through them fast.

Not only that, but the structure of said committee is horrific. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor being on it is dangerous, especially with them already in high enough positions. The Attorney General being in it poses conflict of interest. The Governor nominating and the Senate approving is another horrific idea, as it will potentially strip the Courts, who are really the only rightful people who should be able to grant expungements and whatnot, of this power.

This amendment cannot pass. It will be detrimental to the Courts, and further prohibit its job.


Another well said one and beat me to the bullet but good analysis of it

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In my first term in the state legislature, a similar piece of legislation to this one was proposed. I was vocally against it for the same reason that I am against this legislation: it has the appearance of a better, more democratic and just system while actually not doing anything to fix any perceived issues with executive monopoly over pardons. It is simply a committee of special interest designed to support the Governor’s word and affirm his actions as a sort of echo chamber rather than any actual critical analysis of his decision to pardon an individual.

For that, I oppose this legislation and encourage my fellow Congresspeople to do the same.

SPT Skye Jones
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I second @Skye_Jones

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as usual, congress does something entirely ridiculous without bothering to ask the right people about it. what’s new?

still, veto this damn nonsense.

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Tor is only doing this because I refused to issue him a pardon when I got elected. I refused to do so because my own Attorney General advised against doing so due to the evidence. I reviewed the evidence myself and decided not to.


Not at all Mr Governor, this idea was mainly the President Pro Tempore’s, but it was never passed and I fixed it up to give you a veto in it and prevent misuse and a couple of other changes. Read at the bottom for some details I know you’ll love. I don’t even understand how you go that low and accuse me for this, every legal expert of the state advised me to seek a pardon, so I did, it’s totally irrelevant. I’m very dissapointed, thought you were better.

My amendment never stated that courts can’t hear cases related to sealing a record, but that courts are limited on resources & reasoning to seal one and therefore this amendment was introduced. @JamesDitomosso

This amendment is introduced for two main reasons:

  1. It makes more realism, this is common practice in several states in the United States of America.
  2. Almost every single time a Governor use their pardon power it’s overturned in Supreme Court, I cannot remember a single pardon not being overturned.

I spoke with several law experts of this state to get feedback, criticism and help preventing loopholes. Including your Attorney who you try to make a part of this. @CanineEnforcement. I had on my agenda to propose such amendment when I ran for house, and for a change I keep promises unlike most other in the congress.

To the OP: I totally respect you but this seems like a witch-hunt, ever since the incident between me and the SoS you’ve been after me. I don’t know whenever you are trying to get me especially or you simply speak when you have an option on a piece of legislation, but if you are targeting me you’re also attacking the democracy, it should be possible to propose a piece of legislation without getting a hate thread each and every time. I’ve never seen any other congressperson get such response for every single decision they make. If you in fact only criticising legislation, and not persons, then I respect and apperciate that.


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MisterGermanAidan’s pardon was not overturned.

Irl you have thousands of parole boards across the country that see hundreds of people daily.

5 people for 60K plus people in the state is as far from realistic as you can get.

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Also the sheer amount of conflicts of interest that this amendment would create is frightening and idiotic.

Please go back to presenting half assed impeachments thanks


How many court justices is there for 60k plus people? As I thought.

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I have to agree with canine here. It looks like this is the reason you are doing it for.

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What it may or may not look like is irrelevant when I’ve explained it. It’s completely unnecessary to come with such comments only to try to start an unnecessary fight. I know you very well and I know that you are doing everything you can do to get me out of office because you’re not over a post I made in December last year where I voiced my concerns regarding you getting kidnapped on purpose to get SS and you trying do everything to find evidence of a crime that doesn’t exist to launch an investigation on people you don’t like. Get over it, my DMs are open if you want to have a civil conversation about the matter.

I encourage Congress to nay this legislation. If someone wants to play Governor and have the duties, they need to run and be get properly elected like the rest of us.

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That’s checks and balances my man

It’s an amazing thing

@MarshallJAddison agrees

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Can you name a few because I can’t remember any that post 2018 lol. It’s the Governor’s power to exercise, no one else’s. I’m not sure what kind of vendetta you have against me, but you should honestly put that shit aside and finish out the term. First you come after my Secretary of State, and now you’re coming after the basic powers delegated to me as Governor. If you want to play Governor, run in the election.

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All I wanna say is the courts are currently understaffed and we need some type of way to hear expungements more “efficiently”, but a parole board is not one of those ways.

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I appreciate proper feedback such as this and I will consider this as a plan b.

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Plan b of what

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Still waiting for you mentioning at least one.

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Currently not home, expect the list tommorow or Friday.

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