My Public Apology

Hello everyone, you may know me as mark or marke. Most people know me due to the FSP:GATE or just from my reputation as a whole. I’ve came a long way in this vast community and I owe Firestone and its Citizens a sincere apology regarding what happened on the date of August 5th, 2018. A little less than a year ago, I was involved in a big situation that caused havoc and chaos in this State. This was known as “FSP:GATE”. I was formerly involved with 3 of my co-workers and friends in which we plotted to remove Fmr. Superintendent Fob via pressuring Fmr. Governor Bjohn. To my regret, it was successful and caused several jobs to be lost as well as careers.

I’ve came to make this apology public to show to everyone that I’m back and will be staying back while I hope to rebuild my reputation one step at a time. Starting with this apology.

We’ve all came to the conclusion including myself I was an complete idiot for even being involved considering I genuinely had a good reputation and was making a good name for myself in the State of Firestone. I was even considered a role model for some people I knew. Then I practically dumped everything I had down the drain with this FSP:GATE. My certification, my gun license, my clean record leading to myself becoming a criminal, my reputation, and last but not least all the time and effort I put into everything relating to this State to become a long time community member and controversial speaker to ensure everyone’s voice was heard. All down the drain in the matter of days due to my idiotic actions.

The true idiocy I had and the audacity to threaten the governor and a high ranking cabinet official with impeachment for their actions which weren’t illegal or wrong in any way, shape, or form. I’ve came a long way in this community and I can’t stand not being apart of it. I’ve decided to fully dedicate my time like I did before and make sure I can do everything to the best of my ability whether that be enforcing the law as an LEO or interpreting the law as a Justice I’m here and ready to do anything that gets thrown at me.

But, all of that is going to be hard without building my reputation back one at a time. Without the help of any of you guys I won’t be able to do anything in this State. I plead for mercy to be shown as well as forgiveness. I’ve genuinely changed as a character and an individual, and I want you guys to see that. I apologize for any careers I’ve messed up, for any reputations I’ve destroyed, and last but not least any dreams I’ve crushed into nothing, cowardlessly.

It’s time to start a new chapter in my career. I’m back and I hope to stay in this community for a while until I quit ROBLOX for the last and final time. Thank you guys a ton for all the memories you’ve brought and all the memories I wish to have in the future. :heart:


apology accepted



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I ask that the Senate take into consideration the time and service put into the State of Firestone by this man not just before FSP:gate but also in the many months since.

He made a mistake, he owned up to it, and he received consequences. Now, the only option we have is to move forward. I ask that the Senate does not immediately ostracize this man for one isolated mistake; instead, they should take the time to truly consider what happened in conjunction with the words of the nominee and the impact of that on his ability to perform as a judge, whether they believe it to be large or minimal.

SPT Skye Jones
princess skye!!#9640


Ur cute and forgiven



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we love u mark


Not your fault, you had nothing to gain from that gate. So I forgive you.

And Dear senate.

Coming from a command member in FSP, I think this man has changed for the good. Please don’t concentrate on his past. Thank you <3

FSP Patrol Service Major/Chairman


The Senate should definitely pass this guy. Hes pretty cool and seems to have changed for the better. Please focus on the future of this man and not the past, as the past is not important as he clearly learned from it.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” ~Winston Churchill

Correctional Officer
Private First Class


Alright, firstly don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against anybody getting their record expunged as long as it doesn’t conflict with high crimes against the state such as treason, bribery, or any kind of political hardship that one may face. The fact of the matter was that from the information you gave me, you took part in the act of removing somebody from office without knowing the entire foundation of the issue, or in this case, the entire story on what somebody actually said or done.

My issue with you, and once again I have nothing against somebody who has participated in minor crimes who can follow through with a record expungement, is that you participated in a completely one-sided case that revolved around the dismissal of somebody who truly understands the ins and outs of our law enforcement community - this is absolutely as biased as it gets.

I can get where you’re coming from with the entire, “Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything wrongful and I truly believe that I deserve another chance”, I fully get it, there isn’t anything wrong with that and I’ve been in the exact same situation. However, I am going to make it a point that you were nominated to serve as a SITTING JUDGE within the Firestone Courts. I will repeat this over and over again, I have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with you recovering over time and showing that you can work effectively within the Executive and Legislative Branch, but whenever we throw in the Judicial Branch, specifically you serving in the Judicial Branch, that’s where we have an issue.

Judges aren’t typically the ones who remain as a strong political entity, and if anything, it is absolutely crucial that we nominate judges who understand the law, live up to the highest standards that we place our community within, and not have politics influence his or hers tenure. I’m not saying that you’re extremely biased within the areas of politics, (although there is a chance considering you threatened a former governor while in congress without knowing an entire story of a subject) but what I am saying is that I personally wouldn’t want somebody working within the judicial system who is proven to take a side before hearing all accounts and create first person excuses to cover up for their own actions.

I have nothing against you specifically as a person or politician, and I wouldn’t mind you serving in congress or the executive branch (coming from somebody who is generally hard on everybody). The only problem I have is that because of this situation which had affects that you endured unknowingly, I don’t think that you are a fit nomination to serve on a court where people are trusting that their case in its entirety can be allowed through a process and heard abroad without any influence of bias or confliction of judicial interest.

I’m sorry, but this was an utterly terrible move by Governor @CanineEnforcement who should have (or atleast his administration) been aware of what the predictions of this nomination were going to be and does nothing less rather than hurt his administration’s reputation.


You know Timothy some parts of your statement I agree with and some parts I don’t entirely agree with.

  1. As you would know as I stated in our dms when I was trying to explain somewhat of what I recall in the story is just the fact of what even happened in general. As I stated I don’t remember half of what happened considering I took a break of a few months considering the circumstances and I just felt as if I did stay in Firestone during this time period I took a break it’d be a mistake and It wouldn’t be the same. Some parts of the story I told you may not be in exact conjunction with the real story. It would be easier if you referred to FSPGate: Corruption and Deceit for more Information.

  2. As you stated you don’t feel as if I’m an quote " fit nomination to serve on a court where people are trusting that their case in its entirety can be allowed through a process and heard abroad without any influence of bias or confliction of Judicial Interest" I feel as if that statement in itself just dosen’t make quiet that much sense considering you were a former politician, and you should know that the court process has Appeals via other Justices serving on the District Court & even the Supreme Court if they aren’t satisfied enough. (Don’t take this as a personal attack). As you also stated you feel that I might have a bias or confliction of Judicial Interest. I disagree with that statement in itself as firstly if I was bias it would be clear in the case in which the defendant & or plaintiff can ask myself to recuse myself from the case in which I would be mandated to leave the case and let a separate Court Justice take over. Another fact is that to prevent even more bias I wouldn’t be able to preside over any case relating to SCSO or POST according to law for a period of 3 months to make sure I’m not bias in any related cases etc. There are a lot of laws in place to make sure what your specifically saying won’t happen. Its there for a good reason for Judicial Nominees and even current Justices to pay attention to and follow. Another fact

  3. You’ve also stated you have absolutely no problem with me recovering in the Legislative Branch or the Executive Branch. Well not sure if you’ve been paying attention lately, but I’ve managed to get back into the County Executive Branch into SCSO & SCSO:SWAT achieving the seniority rank of Deputy First Class helping out with intensive divisions within SWAT that were fortunately classified by the Governor for certain reasons that cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons. Moving on I’ve also managed to join the POST in which I’m also employed as an Junior Instructor in which I also somewhat helped in an internal issue with command and helped to get reforms and the new POST Discord up and running. Last but not certainly least I’ve also managed to land a job into the Department of Justice as a Public Defender. If you don’t necessarily know what that is I basically defend individuals that are being pressed charges on via the Department of Justice and I make sure they have a voice and representation in court no matter how bad the evidence is against them & or if there odds of winning the Court Case are low. I make sure they all get a chance no matter their race, religion, or ethnicity. Not to mention I was specifically invited to be an CFCT Instructor via POST Director max considering he’s seen all the hard work and effort I’ve put into this state even after FSP:GATE. He’s proud of what I’ve accomplished after what happened with FSP:GATE and hes happy to see me back and ready to see me putting forth my good hard working attitude for my future career(s).

I don’t think its a coincidence all of this is happening in all honesty. I came back from have a terrible reputation to having a stable reputation in which I’m able to gain my certifications back, my records expunged, and most of my past jobs including even more jobs back into my reach. As you also mentioned you blame Governor Canine for the nomination, but I also disagree with that statement. Governor Canine didn’t even want to nominate me in the first place when the Chief Justice first recommended me after finishing my rigorous Justice training/process. It took 2 months before Governor Canine was convinced. It took several Supreme Court Justices to dm him and beg for him to nominate me considering the incredible need of District Court Justices in the lowest court of the Judicial Branch in which surprisingly the highest court (the supreme court) has more justices than the District Court (the lowest court). After the Supreme Court begged over and over again, even having one Supreme Court Justice threaten to resign he gave in and believed I had what it took and believed the Supreme Court’s judgement.

The problem with the Judicial Branch at the moment is the fact that either A. There isn’t anyone wanting to become a Justice or B. People that do want to become a Justice aren’t even close to the competency level the Supreme Court strives for them to be at. Even after rigorous training and such. There just isn’t enough people that are that knowledgeable in the field of law. Fortunately when I saw the Judicial Branch crying for help after several announcements of them needing Justices I took my BAR Certification to good use and applied to become a Justice. I didn’t need any training whatsoever and I passed my mock trial the first try “with flying colors” according to the Supreme Court. I am what they need. Declining my nomination would be an ignorance and slap on the face for the Judicial Branch. The Executive & Legislative Branch have enough employees now it’s time to fill the Judicial Branch employees with competent & capable Justices.

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ily mark

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imagine ranting several paragraphs for a roblox game

this post is made by people who dont take shit seriously


A lot of people tend to take this game seriously so in that case I treat it as serious as I can as well.


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The points that you outlined within this reply in correlation to mine either make absolutely no sense, or, are taken out of context in conjunction to my own text. Firstly, when I was talking about judicial bias, I wasn’t relating to a matter that in which a judge might be biased to one side of the case. I was talking about the fact that in FSP Gtate, you went on to create a faulty resolution without hearing all sides, something you could recreate in an actual civil or criminal case. Secondly, I find it extremely suspicious that you don’t remember the events that took place during this case considering it wasn’t that long ago and you’re probably saying that just to regain a marginal reputation that doesn’t conflict with the actions that you carried out while trying to remove somebody from power.

Also, I’m not really sure how my statement “just doesn’t make quiet that much sense” because it’s actually extremely coherent and unless you’re taking it out of context (because you don’t understand my meaning of judicial bias in the sense of your case) it only goes to show how stubborn you are at having realization for your own faults. But hey, that’s not a personal attack in any way.

Again, I will repeat this for the tenth time already. I have absolutely no problem with you being in the Legislative or Executive Branch, but when it comes to serving as a JUDGE, well, I just can’t seem to support your nomination.

The fact that you even accepted this nomination in the first place goes to show how little you place the standards of every other district court justice and the entire system alone. Nothing against you, but I can’t really seem to support somebody who committed high crimes against the state and who also caused the jobs of a lot of other people.


I forgive u

FSP:GATE will still be remembered for months to come tho

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omg I almost forgot about FSP:GATE

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