My letter to congress

Former State Trooper & County Sheriff Officer.

Dear Congress,

I write this letter on the 22nd of December 2018. I write this letter as a hope to resolve a resolution of legislation that is deeply needed, however, either overseen or ignored. As a former trooper and sheriff officer, I experienced strange, if not questionable calls. However, as my time in law enforcement progressed I found myself emerged in more than a few medical related calls. Such as motor vehicle crashes, falls, and person vs vehicle.

Without a medical certification, and current legislation provision I was fair to say inadequate with assistance. However, I am writing this letter to ask Congress to propose legislation requiring all future graduates of the peace officer stands and training program to have an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certification.

As this letter is publicly written, I will address that this letter isn’t about my experience alone. But yet, as an example as many officers do not possess any medical certification while on duty. Resulting in similar outcomes as my self. Furthermore, I would like to address, that I am now Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic certified. Currently employed under Stapleton County Fire Department.

With legislation presented to end these outcomes. I predict roughly majority if not all medical calls can be handled by officers until properly trained personnel to arrive. This will alleviate the pause in role play and allow officers to provide immediate care as they’re on the scene already.

In conclusion, legislation will far out way the benefit to drawbacks. Every life in Firestone is equally import, and when we don’t have officers who are trained to assist. They’re there, standing not doing anything when every minute the personnel are responding the officer is providing assistance and help to stabilize the patient.

Stapleton County Fire Department
Certified Paramedic


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