More of a formal LEO attire

This is a mere uniform idea but I think we should have formal attire for each LEO department. We have the Class A uniforms yes but what inspired me was by adding a more formal approach on jackets without the words, “TROOPER, SHERRIF, HOMELAND SECURITY, etc.” With that, the rank patch should be removed on the front so it’d make room for a custom t-shirt nameplate (sorry FNG, you guys gave me that idea lol). But to make it more LEO oriented, there would be two, one nameplate (which would be a part of your username) that includes a mourning band on the otherside and one without and pants to match the formal jacket. I’ll categorize each department so it appears less messy when explaining it.

SCSO: You guys would get a slightly tanner hue of the formal attire with tan pants and black shoes. Nameplate and another with a mourning band without any pins on for normal patrol. SWAT, you guys would get a small “SWAT” pin on the top with black lettering. There will be a “sidestrap” for your firearm and only HIGH COMMAND will have the ribbons overlapping the shoulder to show that they are leading the department.

FSP: Basically the same style jacket and pants as SCSO gets but a black jacket with matching black pants (basically like applicant pants on how they are and all that). Nameplates that are custom would be like SCSO but for ASU, they’d get an ASU insignia pin on the bottom of their nameplate. (Mourning band ones too like SCSO). Black shoes as well and the white ribbon overlapping the shoulder for HIGH COMMAND as well.

DOC: You guys would get a darker hue of blue for the jacket matching your trainee pair of pants, name plates, same as above but MD would get an anchor under the name part and SERT, you guys would get in yellow lettering, “SERT” below the plate. Ribbons overlapping the shoulders would be a lighter blue and are for the same reasoning for SCSO and FSP has on theirs.

DHS: You guys would get a dark gray jacket with dark gray pants, nameplates, same as DOC, SCSO, and FSP. Below the plate, will either have a symbol pin for CRT, a k-9 dog pin for the members who have a canine, secret service, you guys would get a limo pin, and the ribbon overlapping the shoulder would be a lighter gray and for the same reasons as the departments above.

FBI: You would get a lighter blue hue for your jackets and darker for the pants to make it work since your class A’s are complicated with color. Nameplates like everyone else of course and below would be a CIRG insignia for those in CIRG and for Criminal Investigations Unit, a van pin. The ribbon overlapping the shoulder would be a darker blue and also meant for high command.

What about if the individual has a rank and what about the patches on the shoulder area? The patches on the shoulder area would remain and if an individual has a rank, there will be the insignias on the front collar of the shirt and the corporal and sergeant chevrons will also be on the arms of the jacket as well.

Bad idea Mr. Minecraftcaleb53; we have class A’s already so no point. Ah, here’s what will happen to the normal class A’s:
They would be used either in patrolling or going to something not as formal (Such as a department training or a tier in POST). The formal uniforms that I came up with would be more meant for meetings at the capital or other formal events too (such as graduations, award ceremonies, and promotion ceremonies) and also for if you want a leo pfp for your control board too.

But Fed said no on citation bars! Well that’s the thing, there won’t be anything like that. Just the pin to indicate what division and/or category they are in.

Now, this would mean a policy change for uniforms if this one is considered and added;
Anyone wearing such uniforms may not wear ANY KIND of shades as the formal events like I listed are more indoors. Gloves (coloring your roblox arms to light gray to white) are optional but it’d make the uniform better.

Now since I have taken this idea from FNG (DOC too since they do it with their jackets), I’d like to see them get berets for their uniforms just so they can have something to cover their heads.

Anyway, I wanna see what your intake on this would be. I like the idea because it’s a more realistic approach and it’ll make every department equal of one another and it’ll also be cool to see.


what do LEOs need formals for?

Graduations, funerals, public events, etc.


this lol

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we can use the class a, we don’t really need a formal specific uniform as the class a already looks professional enough


Like I said, class A’s would be used for things like POST tiers and department trainings for observers, it’d look better as well since well irl departments don’t wear the normal class A’s to formal events as graduations and so forth

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the class a’s fsp use is actually how most formal attire leo departments use look. its just a tie on a long sleeve shirt. only time i’ve seen jackets over class a’s which is what you’re thinking of is for Honor Guard duties or other very special events. these uniforms would be useless for the most part.

Okay but it makes our formal attire bland compared to states like former Mayflower and current Ridgeway. DOC has the memo going on that when they put on their winter jackets at something like a POST graduation since it’ll be as formal as it’ll get unless if we add formals to the mix

i mean sure but…lmaooo
but support ig

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this would be the least of your worries but still cool idea lol

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lol funeral events

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it’s for the people this guy shoots and kills


oh so no one then?

yes, totally nonexistent individuals that shot a place up and i just simply got them from behind or saved a dhs from impeding death by air

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doc has a formal jacket without the md/sert identifier and shoulder thing that i had the name of and its just gone out my head

we dont need another uniform

also swats green uniform is sexy pls no

Well the issue is, there is a “CORRECTIONS” or “TROOPER” or “SHERIFF” on the back which is why I wouldn’t want it to be seen as a formal jacket, I mean it is but there is no need for that lettering on the back if it’s meant for stuff like that. The identifiers would be t shirts with the custom username plate like the mourning band, although there is also another with a band included

Well as the famous saying always go, “It’s not easy being green.” Anyway, maybe the color can be altered to be the color of the SWAT pants with the tan class A shirt underneath, it looks better with a formal outfit like that

We actually have a stack of things that a operative makes for fun (that we cant use) and we have something just like this designed, as well as jackets, other tactical and former gear, and all kind of stuff