More fires in other cities other then RW

In V3, there should be more fires in other cities other then Redwood because it’s quite boring with the fires in the same cities. Also it’d be cool if there were like tree fires, house fires, etc. instead of just building fires

theres fires in redwood, arborfield, and hillview i believe.

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this will be in v3 i believe so

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there might be but I rarely see any fires there, its always in RW

that’s because no one goes to aborfield lmfao

so how do we set it on fire if no one goes there-

There are fires constantly around the place when 3 SCFD members are on, you just don’t see them. Commonly it’s in RW, but again it can be found anywhere. Residential, Hillview, Arborfield, Prominence, it’s everywhere in V2 and I believe it’ll stay that way in V3.