More custom license plates

More custom license plates that are available to purchase, even discussed by Fed recently, adding more custom license plates, and even implementing firestone versions of current Colorado license plates.

Another fun way to implement this is hosting a community event, where members create a license plate design and the handful with the highest amount of upvotes can be added to the game.

Overall, I feel like vehicle customization is a big downside of Firestone because there aren’t many options, hell, even half of the vehicles don’t support racing stripes, and the wings that were promised in the elevated vehicle customization gamepass haven’t been added.

Not only would this be more engaging for the community, but also allow people to add a unique touch to their vehicles since everyone has the same Wumpus plate because it’s the closest to the blackout plate you can get, and the same black rims.

Edit: Adding onto this, implementing the disability parking sticker to each license plate variant; I’ve almost been cited multiple times because it doesn’t show on custom plates.


I agree!! I want to design a license plate!!!

Bumping, also another suggestion related to this: State Patrol license plates.

Multiple states do this, to name a few, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin and Tennessee. I have attached a few examples of this also.

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We need more plates for standard give us some love