More Car Dealerships and Spawns!

As of now, the only car dealership in firestone is in redwood.

This also results in people only spawning in redwood and 90% of civillians are in redwood.

To make things more realistic and maybe result in less crime in redwood and make civillians, this is what we should do:

Create 3 car dealerships in firestone. One in arborfield, one in redwood, and one in promience.

Now that we have 3 car dealerships, now we spread out the civillian and visitor spawns and place them in all 3 cities of redwood, promience, and arborfield


The benifits of this would be that there would be less crime in redwood, as civillians will now be spread out.

The highway system will be used more often, as civillians will need to get from one city to another now.


I think this was already talked about on another post?

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There was another post that wanted more car dealerships but they wanted more for a different reason that they wanted different cars sold in different car dealerships for realism. And this post that I made I want more car dealerships in order to spread out civillians in firestone


As a trooper, I love this idea. I cannot tell you how many of my patrols end up just being me sitting on the 401 for 30 minutes “running radar” (Actually is more like holding my radar gun and hoping somebody comes by, even if they aren’t speeding), but not getting any action, do to jurisdictions. If you ever notice that when SCSO starts filling into the server, FSP starts slowly filling out, because once there is 3+ SCSO on, all we get to do is sit around on the highway and hope something happens that requires SCSO to call us in to RW. This shouldn’t be a problem, I shouldn’t dread going on patrol for fear of getting stuck on the highway bored out of my mind for 30+ minutes.

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