Money not dropping when resetting [V2]

Some players are unable to drop money when they die/reset, including myself.

However, I still lose 10-20% of my money when I reset. If I am losing money (any amount), it should drop onto the ground. This can also be a problem for the FBI (or whatever department has the money scanner) because they can’t scan money from a criminal if they do not drop any when they die.

Here’s a clip of it happening to me. Nothing shows up in the game logs. As you can see, I went down from $102 to $82 and dropped nothing.


Do you by any chance have under $5000 in total (bank + wallet)?


No, I have $60k+ in the bank


Isn’t this because you’re in a CD or near a spawn?

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drops money for me

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about two days ago

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I don’t think I have ever dropped money, no matter where I am at. Also, some people do drop money at CD and at the spawn. For some reason, this bug only happens to some people and not others.


Can this get fixed? There are still people that don’t drop money when they die.