"Miranda Rights" 101

“Miranda Rights” 101

Since the new constitution, the “Miranda rights” (they are technically called your “Rights to Due Process”) have changed. In order to obtain lawful testimony, an officer should repeat the following script:

Officer: Any person subject to the state’s legal system shall be entitled to due process of law. Any person accused of a crime shall have the right to an attorney throughout the legal process, including questioning. Furthermore, no person shall be forced to incriminate themselves, and shall maintain the right to remain silent in all criminal matters. No person shall be subject to cruel and unusual punishment. Testimony taken under duress or without advisement of the rights in this section is inadmissible.

Officer: Do you understand these rights?

Pause: wait for a yes

Officer: With these rights in mind, do you wish to still speak to me?

Pause: wait for yes before asking questions. After this point you may ask questions and all testimony may be used in court.


  1. You can alter this script if you are well informed on the law. This is a baseline script which will 100% work because it is the literal text.

  2. You may not use the standard USA version of the Miranda Rights as the rights in Firestone are different (notifying of the right against cruel or unusual punishment).

  3. Testimony taken without following the above advice WILL NOT be used in court and you as a law enforcement officer just wasted your time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask an attorney or the Department of Justice.


Clonemep, Esq.
Chief Public Defender


this is the exact same thing as the miranda rights (which this game is set place in the US) and not a fairytale made up country. What yall just did was the equivalent to “hey bro dont copy my homework, change it up a lil” “yea i gotchu bro” this:


they made it sound too european and it SUCKS



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