MFG - Make Firestone Great - Mr_CFrame & DannyboyIncarcerated (Ryan)

Hello, Firestone! My name is Mr_CFrame, and I am here to announce my intention to run for governor in the upcoming election. I am a proud citizen of this great state and have a vision for its future based on three core values: freedom, fairness, and prosperity.

Freedom means respecting the rights and choices of every individual and protecting them from any threats or interference. It means ensuring that our state government is accountable, transparent, and responsive to the people. Finally, it means defending our constitutional liberties and sovereignty from any federal overreach or foreign influence.

Fairness means ensuring everyone has equal opportunities and access to quality education, health care, justice, and social services. It means fighting against discrimination, corruption, or injustice that harms our people or communities. Finally, it means supporting our workers, farmers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who create jobs and wealth for our state.

Prosperity means investing in our infrastructure, innovation, and environment to make our state more competitive, resilient, and sustainable. It means fostering a diverse and inclusive economy that benefits all sectors and regions of our state—finally, balancing our budget, reducing our debt, and securing our fiscal future.

These are the values that guide me as a leader and the goals I will pursue as your governor. I have the experience, the skills, and the passion to make it happen. I have served as a mayor, a senator, and a secretary of state in Firestone, and I have delivered results on every level. I have worked with people from all backgrounds, parties, and perspectives to find common ground and solve problems.

But I cannot do it alone. I need your help, your support, and your vote. Together, we can make Firestone stronger, safer, and more prosperous than ever before. Together, we can make Firestone the best state in the nation. Thank you, and God bless Firestone!

Very Respectfully on God,

DannyboyIncarcerated (Ryan)


Support the man from the ghettos of Hartford.

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support i love my developer brothers uwu

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we on top!!
support myself hell yeah

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I support.

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sup (i want a cookie ryan)

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