Make tower 23 master stream work

(i know i mentioned this rather briefly to blaadam in the discord but i thought i would suggest it somewhere less easy to lose)

make the master stream on tower 23 move and not just spray straight down. brush 28 and even fng have master streams you can manipulate, yet the (arguably) most important application of a master stream (for yk fighting fires) fails to work properly.



pretty please having it only pointing like this and not moveable is really not useful it doesnt work very well and trying to manipulate the water is hard

like this just doesnt work whereas if i could move the stream i could a) keep the bucket away from fire (safer) and b) actually hit the fire

why the fuck do FNG have a masterstream???

beige bearcat with a master stream idk

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Will recommend to be fixed at some point.

but SeRvEr PeRfOrMaNcE

its ALREADY ON 2 other RIGS BlaAdAm


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EVERYONE LISTEN TO THIS GUY!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

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the only reason blaadam doesnt want to do it is because i suggested the idea

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no im just lazy

you scousers