Make scmc a safe zone

With the Firestone Department of Health beginning operations in game, we have noticed a lot of shootings and people with firearms at our events. This is very disruptive for us. It would be appreciated if the development team could make the scmc facility a safe zone, so that FDOH can continue to have medical RPs without having to worry about an active shooter in the premises.

cirt31 M.D
Department Head of Emergency Medicine, Stapleton County Medical Center
Firestone Department of Health


Yes I support

I support this. However, I believe that it should only be activated when staff are on the DoH team. We need to keep in mind that criminals use this for RP often, even when medical staff are not on.


SupportSupportSupportSupportSupportSupport and finally Support. As Francisco said, it could be activated only when DoH Staff is online.

omg no more hostage sits there : (

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no its the perfect place for hostage situations other than cd, it shouldn’t be a safe zone


i think it would be good to make it a safe zone only when DOH staff are on to prevent ppl interfering in medical RPs

but… i wouldn’t be surprised if some loser LEO hopped on team during a hostage sit at SCMC just to ruin it


I feel like it should be togglable by DOH, or even game moderators (when DOH requests for it IF even considered by the founders that there should be a safezone, there would obviously be requirements in order for it to be enabled). some requirements could be no on-going situation in the hospital (such as hostage situation and other crimes occurring), and would have to be planned beforehand (if game moderators were given the ability to toggle it.)



yes please i dont want to be killed while doing my nurse duties

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How am I supposed to do “Surgery”?

by extracting our organs vis torture methods

yes support, i think it should be open to hostage sits when there isnt an official event ongoing