Make it so you can actually detain people and place them down on the ground


For V3, it would be realistic if LEOs could like cuff people then press E or something to detain them or place them on the ground. This way, you don’t have to be stuck with the detainee at all times. So like you can cuff them and place them on the ground with a keybind or something. Similar to Eastbrook. Also, you can arrest more then 1 people with this because if theres like 2 people who needs to be arrested, you can just arrest 1 and put them on the ground and arrest the other one so you don’t have to wait for another unit.

Yeah this would be really help cuff and leaving while being detained would result in ban, and if you try running your slowed down.

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well rn u can detain people and put them in cars but i dont think they get slowed down atm

they can just leave and most of the time theirs not enough time to detain 1 person and arrest another as they will run away

this is infact already in v3

it does infact slow them down but theres a way to glitch into sprint

No if they leave they’ll get banned and if you’re detained, you’re slowed down and you can’t sprint